Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Books!

Let's get to the books!

HelenKay Dimon's Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy was recently reviewed by Tara Marie and given the thumbs up. Great dialogue and sexy. I'm in! Shopping with other romance readers can also be dangerous - Ames saw this before me and had it off the shelf so fast I wasn't sure I hadn't just imagined it sitting there. Luckily there were more in another area. Phew!

Kristie picked up Hard Lovin' Man and was saying just how much she loved it when I snatched it out of her hand. Hey, Nath was moving towards us! I loved Heath's historicals so it'll be nice to try a contemporary that comes highly recommended!

What's scary about I'm in No Mood For Love is I can't quite remember if the person loved it or hated it. I'm thinking Ag recently read this one and that cover has been hard to resist for as long as I have! Gibson is a hit or miss with me so I'm hoping this one is a HIT.

Somebody somewhere is reading this series by Lara Adrian but bloody hell if I can remember who. I really thought it was Ames but I think she said she hadn't read this series. Now, I'm at three books and need a free one and this one is as good a try as any.

Homigod!!! We're all perusing the books and of course I'm asking the vital question, how the sensuality in the book. That'd be sex. Ames, my sweetest bestest friend is all, if it's not hot, forget about it. As Holly says, 'girl crush!' I'm going to be keeping a better eye on her reading list!

A Julia Quinn that is not part of a series. At least not as far as I know. Quinn is a consistent B read with certain things that bug me while having scenes that overwhelm me so I'm hoping this will be less about bother and more about the love!

I had no idea that Pamela Britton had written books that had nothing to do with NASCAR. Thank God! I've never read her books but lately if I see the Warner Forever strip on the top of a cover I need to take a closer look. I can't say the books I've read by them are steaming hot but I haven't
been disappointed either. Again, this is why WBB is the best. I have never seen this book!

On the topic of never seeing books. I saw an entire shelf of books by an author named Amanda Scott. Never. Heard. Of. Her. There is not one book in stock at my local store but when I go to her website she has been writing since 1977!! What caught my eye was once again the Warners Forever strip but I didn't buy that one. I started looking at the back blurbs and the first line of this one caught me. "Abducted from her first wedding and widowed an hour after her second one, Lady Adela Macleod, the unluckiest bride ever, has given up all hope of finding true love..." IN!! Ames had mentioned that she had read Scott and came over to look at the blurbs. There had to be seven books there and Ames kept saying 'nope, not that one' and I kept thinking, maybe the blurbs aren't telling the real story. Nah. She's written 47 books!! I hope I love Scott like George cause the backlist would be amazing!

Okay, there is a huge ass spider running around on my desk and I've tried to kill it twice but it keeps getting away so now I have that horrible crawly feeling like it's on me so I'm getting the hell outta here for a bit!!

I hate spiders! I'm publishing without checking so yeah, that's my excuse.


nath said...

Hey there Cindy :D You got good finds! that's all I can say :D LOL :D I found the Amanda Scott over at Chantal's Chapters... and guess what I bought? LOL :D I hope you enjoy the books :D as for the new Quinn, I think that Dear Author just posted a review :D you can head over there and check.

Rosie said...

Cindy, there's a review of the Quinn book up at Sybil's also. I've read the Lara Adrain books. I liked 'em.

I've never read Amanda Scott, but that blurb kind of intrigued me too!

Holly said...

Good haul, babe!

I've read a couple Amanda Scott books. She's a bit too flowery for me, but the storylines were good, IIRC.

Rowena said...

Ooh, lots and lots of great books you got there, sweets! Lucky!

I can't wait to hear how you liked them.

C2 said...

Definitely review the Scott book because I am completely unfamiliar with her, too. And she's been around since the 70s?? That doesn't bode well but I'm hoping for a pleasant surprise.

I read the Rachel Gibson book - I don't remember much about it. I usually like her stuff and I don't remember not liking this one. My faves from her are True Confessions and See Jane Score, though. :o)

Mailyn said...

I wish I could go bookshopping and I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time. Ew spiders!!!!!

Did Bob kill it?!?!

Jennie said...

I think I'm going to have to buy that HelenKay Dimon book because people keep saying she's a bit like Crusie, so that kind of sells me on it.

Nice haul here. :)

Dance Chica said...

LOL! You get that crawly feeling too? I thought it was just me. I HATE spiders. Like, seriously hate them.

Looks like you guys had a great time book shopping!

HelenKay said...

Thank for buying YOUR MOUTH DRIVES ME CRAZY! I hope you enjoy it.

HelenKay (who needs a 12-Step program to keep away from google...)