Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Over!! But Apparently I'm Still Moping

It's Monday night (okay, early Tuesday morning) and the weekend is OVER!!

All right. If you feel like reading a recap of my whiny weekend then onwards, if not I don't blame you for bleeping out.

Read melodrama at your own risk!

I went to the surprise bridal shower of my former best friend (of 25 years) and I knew it was going to be hard but I didn't expect the gut punches to keep coming all through the 'brunch' we had at a Tea house.

First, discovering that pretty much everyone there including the woman from over an hour away had actually met the fiance was the first blow. I've never met him. Hell, I didn't know he existed until I was told she was engaged to be married. (When I knew her, she never wanted to get married. Ever.)

One of the women took my original seat which meant I had to sit very close to FBF and it was all we could do not to catch each others eyes.

She asked me what was new.

Uh, yeah. A whole shitload of stuff is new since I haven't heard from you in over a year and a half. (Hey, I was civil. My mother was within striking distance and the day wasn't about me and my shit. I talked about our house and stuff. I mean really, where do you start?)

Do you have a picture of your fiance?

She didn't.

That was the end of our conversation.

I heard her later describing her wedding dress to her other friends. The friends I used to go out with also (although they were her friends from school and I was the one with the driver's license so I knew them because we always drove them around). Her friends were nicer to me. That hurt too.

My mother, by the way, was the one who said I absolutely had to go to this shower. (my family and her family have been best friends forever and it's really just her and I that have had a falling out) I sat beside my mom but she didn't talk to me much. Nice.

Later it is time to leave and I'm helping people pack up FBF car. I went to tell my mother that I would pull my car up so she didn't have to walk (it was freaking hot) and I remember something niggling in my brain saying don't bother. Well, turns out my instincts were trying to save me from the sucker punch. I open the door to find my mother taking a picture of the friends with FBF. I was so floored I just blurted out that I was going for the car. My mother's response was 'Oh, Cindy, maybe you should be the one taking this picture.' (Yeah, so not what I need) I said pretty firmly, 'No, you're doing just fine' and walked back out the door. I'll be honest and say that that hurt the most and the next time I get a little warning in my brain I'm going to bloody well listen to it.

The next hurdle was when saying good bye to the friends they were all 'well, I guess we'll see you at the wedding' and I'm thinking 'only if I'm invited'. And then I'm wondering what they know that I don't. Obviously they must know why FBF doesn't care for me anymore which of course, made me feel even more conspicuous.

I finally get home and Zach's pool party is in full swing and I'm surrounded by people who actually care about me and love me for who I am. I ended up getting all weepy and telling each of the women that I appreciate their friendship and that they mean a lot to me. I remember hugging Sue and telling her that I love her and that she is my best friend. I guess this blew her away (she knows she's my best friend but I guess she doesn't hear it enough) and got her all misty eyed.

So it's three in the afternoon and everyone didn't leave until about 8pm. (the kids who I didn't know left at 6pm but I knew the rest and they play well together so even though I was asked many times by the adults if it was time to leave I would just say, nah, they're having fun.)

(This is Joshua - what a ham! We've never seen him have so much fun with water - Sue bought an 8 dollar slip and slide and he must have gone done it like 200 times. The goofy face alone is too much! I need to get pics of some of the pool toys I bought. Talk about a hit and they didn't blow up or get broken and there were easily 4 hefty boys on them at one time!)

I couldn't sleep that night and got up to go to Bob's fathers. He's going to be 89 years old this week!! He's such a sweetie but Bob is hard to keep in one place so we were only there for about an hour and a half.

I fell asleep on the car ride back and begged Bob to call my parents and set them back to 5pm for dinner. We got home at 3 and I fell into bed until quarter to five.

I then BBQ'd for my dad and did up a nice dinner. Okay, nice enough. It wasn't steak or anything but I know my Dad well and you can make the fanciest grub on the BBQ and he'll be all 'where's the burgers?'

They left around 8pm and I stayed up to 10 pm and then slogged off to bed.

17 hours later I got up.

Shut up.

OH! I got Bob to turn the AC on finally. You know what I did? I noticed that Cody has been breathing heavier and today he slept on the bathroom floor so I suggested to Bob that maybe the heat was harder on Cody than we realized.

AC was turned on pronto!!

The good news is that Cody is breathing easier and he's got his 'puppy' swagger back again. So we're both cool.

I told Bob that my number one priority for this week is to finally sit and read a book.

He thought that was hilarious.

Apparently it's not often he doesn't see me with a book in my hand.

I just never have time to read it!!


Kat O+ said...

After such a busy weekend, you deserve time with a good book!

You were a saint to endure the bridal shower. Would it have been bad form to agree to take the picture and then focus on, oh, the floor, the sky, people's shoes? ;-)

17 hours of sleep. I wish!

Rosie said...

Well, that bridal shower sure sucked didn't it? I'm glad you get to go meet Nath, Ames, and Kristie this weekend. You'll have a blast with them.

Mailyn said...

I'm still having problems with the "my mom said I had to go" part. Dude you are over 21! I adore my mother to bits but not even she can get me to go to all her sister's parties. I can't stand the bitch and I don't give a crap what they think about me. Didn't even go to her wedding shower, her baby shower, or when the baby was born. Seriously, I can't be bothered by stupid people and she is one of THE biggest asswipes ever to walk the earth.

I think you need to be more firm with your mom when it comes to these uncomfortable situations. If only for your peace of mind. I mean, you had to go through all that crap just to be civil and your FBF doesn't deserve it. It's obvious SHE wasn't trying to be civil or else she would have at least had the decency to include you in the talks with the rest of her little "gang."

I say put your foot down! You don't need that aggravation. You are too nice a person to stand around and be treated that way.

I am glad that Cody is feeling better now and yay for the AC!

Holly said...

YAY for the AC. Glad you had a good time with your pops.

As for the FBF and the bridal shower...I say even if you are invited to the wedding, beg off. You don't need to put up with that. And you know, I'm SO very glad you had people you love and who love you to see after that fiasco. Stupid people piss me off and you deserve so much better.

You want I should kick her ass?

nath said...

I hate former friends... because well, there's a reason why they're "former" and usually, it's not just falling out and going their separate ways.

and Rosie is absolutely right, you'll have a blast with us :D it'll make up for this week-end :D by the way, cute godson :D

CindyS said...

Kat O+ - Maybe just a bitchy saint ;) Yep, I doubt you're getting much sleep now!

Rosie - I'm so looking forward to this coming weekend and just getting out and about - sure to be a blast for sure!

Mailyn - yeah, that's the hard part to explain. Because our families are best friends I got the 'you have to go, your father would be ashamed and ______ would be mortified and _______ would be broken hearted.' Let's just say the guilt that woman pulled out was non stop. I think my family believes that whatever happened is one hundred percent my fault and that FBF is blameless. Let's just say that even Bob has been like - you know your FBF is going to be in your parents will and you'll get nothing. Then my mother pulled the rabbit and said it's a few hours of your life and you can do it for FBF mom (who I always wished was my mom) so yeah, I caved and I can only blame myself but I keep saying I took the higher road DAMMIT ;)

Holly - yeah, Bob was all, we are NOT going to the wedding but because there are others from her family who do still love me and are happy to see me, it won't be as hard. As long as I don't get invited to another shower I should be A-okay from here on it.

I think the worst part is I just want to yell at her - just lay into her and be all WTF!? What is the problem - but I have a feeling the blame will all be laid at my feet and then my head would explode and the yelling would never stop. Yeah. There are days I just keep myself from driving to her house and giving her shit.

Nath - This weekend is like the reward for the shitty weekend. Fun and relaxing and shopping - I'm all in!


Kristie (J) said...

Good for you for getting through it all! Now don't you feel like a stronger person??

*yea right - snort - you're probably thinking*

Anyway - you have a better weekend coming up!!