Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confession Time?

It's seems I'm afraid of my books.

There. I said it.

I can't seem to pick a book and stick with it. I glance around and see some titles here and there (I've been moving them around hoping my hand will whip out and grab something) and then think, where are all the books I want to read?

I stood in front of my bookcases the other night and nothing! I know I have a ton of books that I want to read but I just couldn't see them.

Also, whenever I know I have an event coming up I can't pick a book. I'm afraid I'll get sucked into the story and be pissed because I can't finish the book. Weird I know but I used to get really upset when I was reading a book and had to put it down because I was going out for the evening. I usually had a great time but sometimes I would be wishing things would be over already so I can go back and read!

I purposely didn't pick a book this past weekend because I know I would have been even
bitchier (not possible) if I had to put down a perfectly great book to deal with all the shit around me.

Now this weekend is coming but I know I'm going to have a blast so I have more of a 'can't sit still' feeling.

I keep wondering how many bookstores we might get too and if we'll do some window shopping along Younge street. How many books can Bob carry?

Ooops. Should explain.

I'm going to Toronto (my Mt. Everest) on Saturday to meet Nath, Ames and Kristie! I mean, really, only a fellow blogger will get me into the big city and have me all excited about it!

I think Nath and Ames planned a trip to Toronto and knew that Kristie and I were near there so they asked if we would like to meet. Uh, hell ya!! (There is one other person who was supposed to come but she is having scheduling issues so I won't out her in case she can't make it although I would love to meet her also!)

Knowing myself well, I told them that I wouldn't be able to travel without Bob and that if they didn't want that I would totally understand. Apparently Bob is quite welcome as long as the man can carry books. Since he is used to me in bookstores it was all good.

I'm wondering how he will hold up meeting four other women who squeee and act like me around books. He may just start praying.

I will only be going on Saturday because you all know me - I'm like a puppy - I get all wound up and excited and then I need a nap.

I'm thinking I'll be lucky to see Sunday.

And so Ames and Nath will know who the chick is that just hugged them I'll post a picture. I figure any pictures of me from this weekend will have me with food in my mouth. Happens all the time so I'll post a picture of me that I like. I'm wearing my infamous painting clothes. People see me in this outfit and they know to get the hell out of the way cause the paint is about to fly!

So here I am with Cody bear. ( I would post a pic of Bob but with the way companies are about their employees online, I figure I'll just be safe. His work peeps don't know me from Adam)

Hey! I heard that moo!


Marg said...

I hope you have a fantastic time meeting up with the girls!

nath said...

Hey Cindy!

YOu're so pretty :D I love your hair! Anyway, yes, we'll be bookshopping and window shopping :D LOL, actually, my sister gave me a list of shops and stuff she wanted ^^; Also, if Bob can't carry all the books, I figured we could go back to the hotel and dump everything in our room and continue our shopping spree! Man, I can't wait!!!

LinnieGayl said...

Beautiful picture Cindy! Have a wonderful time in Toronto.

Megan Frampton said...

You are so darn cute!

Have a great time.

Dance Chica said...

Maybe you’re having reading anxiety! LOL. From getting too worried about not finding a good book and/or finding a good one but not being able to finish. I would say just relax and read when the mood strikes. I think sometimes us avid readers try to push ourselves to read when we may not feel like it, and then we get slumped. Every now and then it’s good to take a break. Usually when I get like this, I read manga or something. Lol.

That’s so awesome you get to meet Ames and Nath AND Kristie. I’m sure you guys will have a blast. I really wish we could do a huge blogger’s meet-up one day where all us bloggers could meet up together. Like a big blogger's convention! LOL. I think that would be so awesome. :-D

Jennie said...

I'm so jealous you all get to meet up! I hope you have a great time. I'm sure you will. :D

And I'm with Nath--you're pretty! :)

Rosario said...

Yes she is! And blonde! Why was I picturing you with straight dark brown hair? That's weird *g*

Rosie said...

Me too Rosario...looooong hair too. But sparkly and smiling blonde is awesome. Have fun. I'm looking forward to hearing about it from all of you.

Holly said...

You know Cindy-girl, I just absolutely love you to pieces and knowing you share my book phobia just makes my girl-crush on you grow by leaps and bounds. LOL I hate starting a new book and having to put it down. But even worse, I hate standing in front of my shelves staring at my thousands of books and not having a thing to read. Blech.

And you're gorgeous dahling. I'm so jealous y'all are meeting this weekend. My turn next, k? ;)

Kyahgirl said...

oh Cindy, its great to see a picture of you.You and Mr. Cody are awfully cute!!

And how jealous am I? I wish I could just pop over to eastern Canada and see you gals!

Bookwormom said...

What a great smile, Cindy! And Cody is kinda cute too ! LOL ;) Have a great time!

Kristie (J) said...

Yep - that's our Cindy! Cindy who I'll be seeing again on Saturday. I don't know about the rest - but I'm starting to get V.E.R.Y. E.X.C.I.T.E.D.!!!!!

ReneeW said...

Cindy, I can see you! You're adorable (Cody too)! I was picturing you with brown hair too but I can't figure out why since I remember the hair-dyeing-eyebrows incident :) I love your hair, BTW. I hate starting a good book and having to stop reading (damn work - they actually expect me to earn my pay).

Hope you all have a wonderful time in Toronto. I'm so darn jealous but I'm really excited for you guys. Bob is such a sweetie. You are a lucky girl.

CindyS said...

Marg - I think we can't help but have a great time!

Nath - thanks! My hair is actually shorter now because I did my spring cut for the summer months - I like it short so it dries fast with the swimming I do. Bob'll have the van also - hmmm, I think I may insist it get run through the car cleaners!

LinnieGayl - thanks! I'm very much looking forward to it.

Megan - That's what I always say to Bob when I'm in trouble - But, I'm too cute to be mad at ;)

DC - I remember when I was younger and would easily read 3 books in a week but now I can't seem to settle down long enough. I know it has a lot to do with my anxiety as a whole but I miss just picking up a book and getting sucked in.

I'm so excited about meeting the ladies and it would be a blast to get to meet everyone eventually. If I ever win the lottery I'm having a huge party for everyone!

Jennie - aww, thanks ;) A good time shall be had!

Rosario - that is so funny because I remember how you got a real kick out of my zebra eyebrows ;) The hair people still claim I'm a natural blonde but it looks like mouse goop to me so I do dye it. And my curls were the bane of my existence when I was a teen and now I know how lucky I am - I love my curls even when they have a mind of their own.

Holly - but you seem to always be reading! I'm so glad there are others with the book picking anxiety - it gets to the point when I give up and pop a movie in cause I know it's only a few hours of commitment! And I would so love to meet you!

Kyahgirl - I know! I'm feeling so very lucky that Nath and Ames were going to travel to a place I can actually get to. Kristie and I only live an hour apart so we can see each other whenever our schedules work out but getting to the west or east? That's some traveling!

Kristie - yep, EXCITED and I have that silly grin on my face ;)

Renee - you and Rosario are too funny but I guess we all don't talk too much about what we look like. Gah! If I had a job on top of everything I would just be a huge mess! And Bob is such a sweetie but I figure after some of the Depot experiences I have had to endure, he owes me ;)


CindyS said...

I missed Rosie's comment in there! The longest I can grow my hair is about shoulder length and then it gets weird. I have had it longer but I don't think it suits my face. And yeah, I'm a ham ;)


CindyS said...

Holy Cow! Good thing the blog e-mails me my comments because I missed Bookwormom too! Thanks! I was lucky, no braces! And Cody is vera cute.

So the secret to taking a better picture than normal when you are a woman of a certain size ;) is to make sure you block part of yourself with something. Hence Cody partially on my lap ;)

I wonder if Nath and Ames and Kristie will let me hide behind them in the pictures ;)


Devon said...

I've been having trouble concentrating on a book too. At least the books I'm supposed to be picking from :)

That's a really cute picture! Count me in as one who pictured you with long brown hair.

Have fun at the Canadian Romance Blogger-fest 2007! Sounds like fun!

Erin said...

Sometimes that just happens. We all love reading but sometimes I get into non reading phases for months. Not often but it's happened. Same with me for movies.