Saturday, June 16, 2007

Short, Sweet, and to the ... Ah, Who We Kiddin'

It's D weekend here at Smith central.

My best bud was supposed to come and spend the night but her mother no longer has an immune system (fighting cancer) so she decided it wasn't a good idea. I was already at my breaking point running around trying to get everything done before she got here so although I'm sorry she couldn't come, it actually saved my bacon. (my tummy tanked Wednesday night from the stress - I haven't had a bad tummy in almost 2 months so I was probably due but what a wonderful break it had been!)

So this weekend is no longer considered the weekend from hell. It's been down graded to a simple 'third level of hell' kind of weekend. That's just the kind of normal crap that makes me crazy but it's my own fault.

Tomorrow noon to three is the bridal shower where I need to be on my best behavior. This is pretty hard for me because my mouth is quicker than my brain and crazy stuff just pops out. Luckily, the people at the event think I'm more funny than obnoxious so that's good. I'm just praying there is air conditioning in the building.

Then I will come straight home to my Godson's eleventh birthday party. The party will have been going on for about an hour by the time I get home. Pool party!

And train of thought jumps the tracks.

You know what blows my mind? Some people think nothing of inviting themselves to my home lately. Sue was asked by her sister if her family (all adults now) were also invited to the pool party (Sue said, sure) and I was all, NO!! Has she shown up to all the sale parties Sue has had (Avon, Epicurean etc)? NO!! Sue has a party and her sister is all, I have no interest in coming even though I don't have to buy anything. Why would I want to come? Cause you get to visit with a bunch of cool women? Apparently not.

Oh, but there is something going on at my house and WHAM, they're all up in my grill. I didn't mind the parents of the kids invited to the party coming because I'm not going to be a lifeguard and someone should be responsible for the kids (Easy. I always keep an eye out but I get laughed at a lot because I panic more about safety and am usually told to just let the kids have fun - so now I just watch and have the phone ready for 911 emergencies) Now, on top of the people I find fun and like to relax with (and have no problem saying - you want a drink, good, go and get it from the fridge and grab me one while you're in there (we do this at each others homes, no acting like a waitress)) are four extra adults that will need to be fed and offered drinks etc. I just wanted to watch the kids have a good time and sit with hubby and girlfriends and gab. Meh.

In case that last paragraph didn't clue you in, I've got my period and Bitchy Cindy is making an appearance and has decided to do a daily showing until sometime Monday. I can just feel it.

Remember I was talking about how the pain has become more of a nuisance lately? Well tonight I decided to do what Sue had mentioned and went to my pharmacist and asked if he had anything stronger like Tylenol 222 behind the counter. He gave me something with Codeine in it and told me that it would make me drowsy. (He's so funny. He's knows me and is all 'What's wrong with you?' and I'm all, my period cramps are getting out of control and I have a party I have to go to tomorrow and I just need to get through it. (see, not the least bit embarrassed about my crap) (There's the normal suggestion of Ibuprofen but I tell him how I get nauseous and can't take it) He just nods and says 'This'll get you through the party'). He mentions that I should try it tonight and see how I react.

Bob and I get home and I can barely see straight cause I'm so tired. So I tell Bob that I'm going to take these pills and that I'll kiss him goodnight now in case I don't wake up till the morning.

Me: I'm going to take these pills and see what happens.

Bob: *laughs* Night sweetie.

Me: *laughing* Watch, I'll have the opposite reaction and I'll be up all night.

Bob: *snort*

Yeah. I'm not laughing anymore cause I'm still up.

But it does exactly what I need it to do and I know the shower is going to be hard enough without groaning aloud every time I move.


The day after is Father's Day and Bitchy Cindy will still be around. I have to get up before the sun (okay, maybe not before the sun but at the same time as the sun) and go to Bob's father's home. We'll visit for a few hours and then hopefully be home by 1pm. I'll then crawl into bed for 3 hours and then get up to prepare for the BBQ I'm going to have for my dad.

You know, it's not the day of that's a killer, it's all the running around, getting the gifts and finding the right wrapping paper and just general stuff that needs to get done before the weekend. This kind of stuff never really occurs to men. I mean Bob keeps forgetting and will say how on Sunday he is going to dig holes for posts and then move this over there etc. Then I remind him and he's all, 'Damn. I'm not going to get anything done this weekend.'

Yeah. I'm bleeding for ya over here. Try not getting anything done for the past week!

So yes. I'm looking forward to Monday and I know that's selfish but hey, I'm nothing if not honest with y'all.

Sorry, just not reading right now because I can't seem to sit still and I have been trying to concentrate on the mini-poll up at AAR right now and well, just getting the shopping done!


I'm about to break the vacuum out and bust a move. Then I have to go in the basement (the last place in the house I like to go) and find wrapping paper because God forbid anyone sell manly wrap that doesn't say Happy Birthday (I mean, WTF?) and then I'm going to get the party stuff out and on the dining room table so Sue knows where it is when she gets here tomorrow and clean the downstairs bathroom.

Yeah, apparently 'hyper' is my response to chemicals that are supposed to make you drowsy.


Suisan said...

Poor Cindy!

I'm hear you -- I'm having a similar issue with Father's Day. I've got to go get a present, wrap it, and Do Something Celebratory.

And Sunday is Dear Butcher's birthday too.

BUT -- he's working all day. (Huh?) AND -- his mom is arriving from New York.

So today I mostly have to clean the house. Which is not something I want to do for Father's Day, thank you. (I'm also bitchy because I turn forty on Tuesday, and I'm convinced that he's going to turn to me on Monday night and say, "Were you going to get a sitter? Did you want to do something?" and by that time it will be too late.) Btich bitch bitch bitch bitch.

Rosie said...

Compared to what you still have going this weekend the visit from the BF sounds easier.

Since I'm typing this Saturday afternoon, I'm hoping your weekend is going well and you get to have some fun.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do for Father's Day.

Paula said...

Awww Cindy:
Why is it that when ever a holiday approaches, it is always the womans job to get it organized. My dh is clueless as to what it takes to get all together. Some little fairies just pop over and get it all done. He can never figure out why by the end of the day, I am totally exhausted.

ames said...

Hey Cindy, what was the name of that pill? LOL My back is killing me something fierce. :(

Hope all goes well at the parties.

Mailyn said...

I hope all is going well. I can't believe those people invited themselves. Still , I'd make them get their own drinks AND feed themselves!

Kat O+ said...

I'm a little late to the party (hehe) I hope you survived the weekend! (I don't have to worry about Father's Day until September.)