Monday, June 11, 2007

Undead and Uneasy by MaryJanice Davidson

I don't think too many of you read MJD but I think Jennie mentioned she wanted to know what happens even though she wasn't planning on reading the book. So I'm going to do my usual crappy review and there will be spoilers.

Well, it's a short book and the spoiler I'm going to lay on you hit fairly early but just in case you want to read the book with no influence then I would stop reading now.

Oh and don't read the author forward. I think I've learned my lesson now but wow, by the end of the book I had to sit and think about what MJD had thought was the momentous occasion that all the previous books had been leading up to.

Now I've never claimed to be that bright (quiet!) but I was expecting something HUGE and maybe it was but when I get warned something is coming I start over thinking and well, I was set up. Or I out thought myself. Whatever.

Still, it's not quite on par with Paris' epiphany that God has bigger things for her to do, even without her moisturizer.

Okay, that was a cheap shot but really, why do I have to hear about this chick daily?

Cindy Blurb: We have Betsy (Vampire Queen) getting ready for her wedding to Eric Sinclair (vampire King - or bedmate, whatever) who insists they are already married and that he doesn't care about the ceremony which of course, pisses Betsy off. So there is some bickering and then an engagement ring is presented.

Flash forward to two weeks before the wedding and everyone has left Betsy alone. Betsy and Sinclair had a fight and she figures he's off sulking, her best friend is dying of cancer and is hospitalized, Marc has disappeared (he's the gay Dr - no really, sometimes you need a chart to remember who all these people are and I still can't remember where the ghost Cathie came from), the werewolf eightball (she sees the future) is missing along with her lover and I mentioned the ghost, right? Also her mother is acting weird and her sister Laura (the Devil's daughter) is acting weirder still and her father and the Ant were killed in a bizarre car accident leaving Betsy the legal guardian of her baby (literally) brother BabyJon.

All right. Did we lose anyone? Everybody still here?

I think that this book is the more grown up version of the Betsy world even though it is still more of a skimming of personalities. Also, if you read this series for the funny, it's not really here. I think I chuckled once.

As much as Betsy is supposed to be alone in this book, there are still a lot of people showing up and moving through scenes. That said, I felt sad for most of the book which was probably how Betsy was feeling but whenever she was faced with something new, she didn't really consider asking questions, she just asked people to leave. Eg. The Wyndham werewolves show up because they haven't heard from their eightball and that's bad. Basically they are a hit and run kind of group and attack Betsy first and start talking later. Betsy, meanwhile, shows no interest in why these people showed up. I thought of about 12 questions that could have been asked and weren't. Meh. Maybe she was tired.

Anyways, there is a reason why everyone disappeared and when she gets down to thinking about what is going on she finally gets her shit together and finds her people, discovers a new power that scares the shit out of everyone but cures those around her (including her best friend) and I think the big thing the book was working up to was Betsy finally accepting that she is the Queen of the Vampires. So now she owns it and Sinclair is not the one the Vamps look to for answers anymore.

I'm giving this a B because it kept my attention and I enjoyed it for what it was even though Betsy can be slow to pick things up. My feeling is that this could be the last in this series without anyone wondering what happens next. Sure there is her sister but other than that, everyone has found their HEA and it's even hinted that Laura finds hers in the near future.

So, it's all good.


ames said...

I think I stopped this series with the third book, because Betsy and Sinclair were together, but kept fighting and it got old so fast.

And yeah, it's a HUGE thing that she admits she's the queen? Why is that huge when WE'VE (the sometimes readers) have known this from the FIRST book?

Why am I using caps? LOL Good review Cindy. I'm glad I stopped reading this series. Now if only I could quit LKH. grrr.

Jaynie R said...

I stopped after book 2. I just don't get the appeal.

If you want funny vamp stuff, I'd recommend Michele Bardsley - now her stuff is funny.

Mailyn said...

Isn't this that crazy author that goes berserk on people's blogs when they don't like her books? OK so that isn't narrowing it down much since a lot of writers do that. LOL.

Still, nobody does berserk better than LKH. She is the queen of the nutjobs!

Suisan said...

I heard a comedian say that she now knows why we are doing so poorly in Iraq. Because everyone's been praying to God, but he's been hanging out in prison waiting for Paris to show up so that he can help her find a new life without moisturizer.


nath said...

LOL to Suisan's comments :D Anyway, I only made it to book 1 and that was enough for me :P I haven't read past book 1 and have no idea what's happening, but thanks Cindy for your review :D I enjoyed it :D

C2 said...

I used to read and enjoy this series but then I saw some of MJD's comments out on teh internets and now, well, I just can't make myself buy her stuff. What a wacko! And if she's trying to get all deep and stuff with the series, yikes! Before Betsy was like the vampire Stephanie Plum (just go with that comparison, please...I know the Plum books are way better). Serious is not needed. Jeez.

Devon said...

Oh I'm still hsnging on to this series. The books take, like, two minutes to read. I keep forgetting this is out. Good review Cindy. Now I'm more interested in reading it.

Perhaps this series would've been beter if it had been condensed? I loved the first two, then it just fell apart.