Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spider is Gone

Okay let's finish up the books I bought:

Tina St. John's Hear of the Flame - I think I have only one of hers on the TBR pile and they had like five titles on the shelf. Again, another opportunity for a backlist and well, I had to find my two free books!

The Kept Woman by Susan Donovan. I'm telling ya, this is the great part about shopping with romance readers. For some reason I saw the review (I'm thinking at Book Binge) and decided I would pick it up. I also remember thinking because it's new it'll stand out and I'll remember. Me and my optimism about my memory. Sheesh. So I told the ladies it was a cover with a woman's leg up in the air in a bathtub. It took Ames and Nath a few minutes but they were rumbling through titles when Nath suddenly remembered and found a copy on the shelf. I will never need a list again! *snort*

So that was WBB buys and then my used bookstore buys were:

Linda Howard's Inferno (Nocturne) I'm intrigued by the mind rape and wondering if it brings the old heat of her series books. They had her latest paperback but I wasn't willing to take a risk - her last single title bore me to tears.

Then I bought outside of my box and when I went looking for a picture I discovered the author is the one who wrote The Starter Wife that is now playing on some American channel. Lucky bastards. Man I hate Canadian TV!!

Maneater by Gigi Levangie Grazer. Ames and I were heading to the cash at the first UBS (heavy breather buy) when she pulled this one off the shelf and said it was great and a funny read. S-old! I could use some funny.

So that's all the books I managed to buy and I said to Ames, Nath and Kristie that when I'm buying the books I just can't wait to get home and start reading and then I get home and don't know where to start and then they end up in my bookcase and then ....

I'm such a butt.

Okay, some fun stuff.

Online Dating

Why you ask?

  • hell (8x)
  • gay (6x)
  • crap (5x)
  • shit (3x)
  • hurt (2x)
  • punch (1x)

I wonder how many posts it scans cause I know I've said worse than punch. Really? Punch? Although I am tickled that I got such a high rating.

66%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Wow, if I'm only 66% addicted I'm wondering what it takes to be in the 80's and I'm thinking I was truthful. 2 hours to read most of the blogs on my sidebar is about right. It didn't ask how long it takes to read the blogs and then how long to blog after that. Now that takes some time!

So I'm thinking I'm curable.


Rosie said...

As you know I was disappointed in the Linda Howard Raintree book. Not because of the mind rape thing but the book was not well written IMO. Then I read the 2nd book (review up now) and liked it so I bought the 3rd one in the trilogy. Go figure.

nath said...

hey Cindy :D

yeah, you won't ever need a list for bookshopping if one of us move near you and bookshop with you LOL :D Hope you enjoy all the books you bought :D

as for the rating, I wonder too how many posts it scans... in my opinion, not many.

oh, and I was 67% addicted... wonder what you have to do to be 100%.

Suisan said...

my blog rating came out as R for Bitches (4x), Hurt (2x), and Knife (1x). Wha?

When did I talk about a knife? And, um, "hurt" is a bad word? Huh.

Enjoy the reading!

Mailyn said...

I love that Linda Howard cover! Er...mind rape?! That sounds vera vear interesting. LOL.

Kristie (J) said...

I got a G rating :-(

And we did get a few of the same authors I see. I got a Tina St. John and TWO Amanda Scott's (the second one on our SECOND visit to TWBB)

Tara Marie said...

I liked the Howard, but it works much better within the context of the series (all 3 books) than it does stand alone--a lot of world building.

Like Kristie my blog is rated G, and Im not sure if that's a good thing or bad ?? :)