Monday, June 04, 2007

Books Glorious Books!!

If you drop by a bunch of Canadian blogs over the next few days you may discover that many of us bought a lot of books over the weekend. Thanks to Nath for sending along a 20% off coupon for Chapters - our bookstores don't often have big sales or free books with the purchase of three others so it is a big deal when we get a break!

Demon Moon by Meljean Brook. No brainer. Although I haven't read Demon Angel yet I already knew I had to buy this one. Funny how the book is twice the thickness of the rest I bought. I get scared of huge tomes but I will be getting to these very soon!

The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. I'm not sure I'll like this book as there were things about the first I wasn't keen on but I haven't seen a bad review of this book so what the heck.

Rises The Night by Colleen Gleason. Again, I haven't read the first book but I have a good reason. I really can't handle the wait times between books in a series so I'm letting Gleason get ahead of me a bit. I'm buying the book now so that I'll have the book when I'm ready to sink into the series.

This is where I start to step out of my reading box.

Count To Ten by Karen Rose. I haven't seen a bad word said about this one so I thought I would pick it up. This would be a new-to-me author.

The Marriage Spell by Mary Jo Putney. I have maybe read one book by Putney but I couldn't tell you which one. I read the backblurb and was intrigued so once again, with the help of the discount I put this one in the pile.

And then I stepped way out on the ledge.

Prince of Fire by Linda Winstead Jones. Never heard of it but they had three of her books on the shelf and this one sounded like it might work for me. New author, check. (Also noticed she mentioned Linda Howard in her Thanks area)

The Lord Next Door by Gayle Callen. Again, never heard of it or the author but I wanted to take risks. I waffled for a bit but decided again, the 20 % off helped.

I know I would have tried even more new authors but I did have Bob prowling the store and I know what's it like to be in a store where you are bored out of your mind (Home Depot!!). I don't know how someone could be bored in Chapters but hey, I was being a good wife.

This time.

On another note, I had my TBB list printed out last night and decided to check which bookstores in my area would have most of the books I was looking for.

Uh, no. I think the first 12 books on my TBB list were not in stock anywhere. Then the ones that were in stock were like 40% off online so why would I buy them in the store. Eg. MJD's latest one I can get for almost half price. Makes buying the HC easier ;) Some of the erotic titles I have on my list were also not in stores but it looks like I can get them online. OH!! The Nora Roberts I have on my list is like 5 bucks online!!! That's half price!

So you will soon see a companion post with my online purchases. I may just order them tonight so I can see all the pretties this week!


meljean brook said...


And you just know that bigger is better, right? :-D

Kristie (J) said...

They didn't have Meljean's book in stock yet *sniff*. I love Mary Jo Putney though I haven't read her for a while - not sure why - so I didn't pick this one up. I should next time I'm in a book store (on my way home from work today).
I've been tempted by those Linda Winstead Jones books too.

And I forgot to mention on my post - but I got 7 books for $41. Not too shabby at all!

nath said...

Hey Cindy :D so did you drag Bob with you? LOL :D I went, but I was good and didn't buy that many books LOL ^^;

we got quite a few similar books: Demon Moon, Rises the Night, the Marriage Spell :D

I hope you'll enjoy Count to Ten :D

ames said...

Oh man - I almost squeed in the my bookstore when they had BOTH Rises the Night and Demon Moon on the shelves! LOL I love that coupon. :p I also bought Sylvia Day's new book, Passion for the Game, and the reprint of Emma Holly's The Top of Her Game. I couldn't resist Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian and I got Marley and Me, the dog book. So much for my book budget. hehe

Jennie said...

You lucky Canadians with your 20% off. Hmmph. ;)

Is The Lord Next Door the one about the blind hero? Because I saw someone talking about it and it sounded good.

Mailyn said...

OMG that's a lot of money spent on books! LOL

C2 said...

Isn't it a fabulous feeling? Finding tons of good books AND having a coupon...W00t!! :-D

I like Gayle Callen, btw. I randomly picked up one of her books a while back, too, and liked it enough to read the sequels (I have her newest one sitting on top of Mount TBR, as a matter of fact).

Happy reading!!

C2 said...

Oh, one more thing (since I just noticed Jennie's question) - The Viscount in Her Bedroom is Callen's newest book and has the blind hero.


CindyS said...

Meljean - uh, YEAH!!! ;)

Kristie - MJP is one of those perennial favourites that I just haven't got around to glomming. I spent a smidge more than 41 bucks ;)

Nath - yep, Bob was definitely brought along.

Ames - if occurred to me that I wanted to make a list of authors I have not read or really heard of and have people weigh in. Lara Adrian was one of those authors I saw on the shelf and wondered about so looking forward to your thoughts.

Jennie - I think it only happens every four years ;) I don't think the hero is blind in this one.

Mailyn - when I splurge I make waves ;)

C2 - oh good, someone who has read Callen. Makes me feel better ;)