Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The End of Saturday

We left off with Bob and I on our way out of the city.

Basically we stopped to feed me (I had eaten some egg and part of a croissant to keep tummy from having a hissy fit) and headed straight home. Even Bob was starting to feel some pain!

We got home and I hit the bed. What was really funny was hearing Bob walk in and fall in beside me.

Sweet. Wore the man out!

I got up three hours later and Bob wants to go to Home Depot.


I get in the car and we head over so Bob can buy more wood chips for our gardens (we have so many gardens I'm thinking Bob has dropped about 700 bucks on chips - keep in mind they keep weeds under control and I like black chips because it looks like rich dark soil from the road way).

We go to check out and there is this cute skinny brunette who rings us out.

I know what you're thinking, why would I even notice this?

Well, Bob and I are heading out of the store and he's all 'you know, she worked here a year ago and I saw her this morning and said 'hey, you used to work here' and she said 'yeah, I took a year off and went to Australia.....' . There was more but at this point my brain is stuck on the fact that my HUSBAND has recognized a woman from a year ago.

Me: You know what, you're not coming to Depot without me anymore - knowing all about some skinny woman, blah, blah, blah.

Bob: *evil laugh* After today, I don't ever have to come to Depot without you.

Me: Crap.

I'm just saying, 5 hours of running around book shopping is not nearly as painful as running around Home Depot!

Me: Oh, I'll come to Home Depot if you like but I don't think you can afford it. I saw a kitchen in there that would look mighty fine ...

Bob: Not going to work.

Me: Double Crap!

Good news is they now have a little reading nook area for looking at building plans and stuff. I imagine I'm going to know every inch of that place by the time Bob gets finished with me!

Okay, I have to go and work on a write up for an AAR mini-poll that just finished up and hopefully tomorrow night I can get to the books I bought!


Mailyn said...

LOL! So basically he got you. Mehehe. Evil but good.

Rosie said...

Yeah, Bob got you! That was funny.
I hate going to Home Depot with GG.

C2 said...

Sucker! *snicker*

Kristie (J) said...

Well - I'm thinking Bob was such a trooper - he deserves a number of visits to Home Depot - lol!