Friday, June 08, 2007

I'll Try To Be Brief

Yeah, I've never been brief but I'm trying to wind down before going to bed at 7am today. I'm thinking I'm going to blow by that time line. Ooops. Had a nap last night and screwed with the sleep schedule.

Bad Cindy.

Anyways, I bought more books!!

Okay, you totally knew that but you didn't know what I bought so now I'll share.

Angels Fall by Nora Roberts. I have had this one on my TBB list for a while because the Nora fans loved it to itty bitty bits and I figure it's a good spot to buy back in. This book was 45% off which was even more exciting cause I think it just came out in paperback. If not, my local store hasn't stocked it yet. Seven thousand other titles by Roberts but not the one I was looking for. Typical.

Fire Song by Catherine Coulter. Have no clue what it's about but I'm thinking one of the bloggers listed it as a favourite so I put it on the list. I was surprised I could get it because it looks like it should be from the early 90s. Ah, it was a re-issue - original cover shot from 1990. I have read one Coulter I believe. Hopefully it wasn't this one. Stupid memory.

Simply Love by Mary Balogh. I know. I keep buying her books and I haven't read them yet. I think I'm trying to find a real simple love story and I'm pretty sure that Balogh delivers. Not sure on the sex thing but maybe she's more sensual.

Undead and Uneasy by - HEY!! SETTLE DOWN!! Sheesh! I know, I suck but I didn't buy it at full price cause it was 35% off and it was like 17 dollars which is the price of trade paperbacks up here. The good news is I can probably read this one in a few hours and feel like I accomplished something. And I'll review it and you'll like it. Yeah you will!

One Summer by Karen Robards. I'm pretty sure this is a favourite of Kristie and she never steers me wrong! Again, I'm thinking this is a re-issue which makes me happy as I do love brand new books. I have a bunch of titles on my TBB list that are from the early 90s and some from the late 80s but I'll be going to Toronto soon and maybe a few UBS are in my future! Looks like this one was from 93. I know I have read quite a few Robard books but it was back when I never kept track. Here's hoping I haven't already read this one!

All right then. That's not too bad.

Well, I do have a gift certificate to use now.

And I just got some coupons in the mail where if I spend $35 I will get $5 off.

I mean, that's just easy math.

Totally worth it.


Tara Marie said...

Major thumbs up on One Summer.

But Firesong is an 80's style boddice ripper, just warning. I'm probably one of the few on-line readers that likes it, but you must have an extremely high tolerence for extreme alphas.

Jennie said...

We've turned you back on to Nora! Woo hoo! I hope you like it. :)

I definitely want to read a review by you about the Undead and Whatever book. :) Because I can't read it, but I still want to know what happens. Lol.

nath said...

Hey Cindy :D

Cool, you bought more books :D Hopefully, you'll enjoy them all :D

and I got coupons too :D!

Rosario said...

Oh, yeah, One Summer is yummy.

ReneeW said...

Hey, another blogger on a book buying binge (i.e. Rosie, Kristie, etc.) One Summer and Angels Fall were both keepers for me, very yummy. I read Fire Song a LOOOOOOONNNNNG time ago but can't remember a thing about it. I should go look for a blurb and see if it brings back memories. I'm sure it has a very alpha hero (Coulter's trademark, I think). Happy reading.

Kristie (J) said...

Oh you simply HAVE to read One Summer!!! The mystery part isn't that great and other than the first time I read the book, I always skip it but this is MY NUMBER ONE reread book. I've reread this one or parts of it more than any other book I own - and you KNOW how many that is *g*
And *chuckle* what Tara says about Fire Song

Mailyn said...

Man I so wish I could splurge on boosk right now! I'm jealous. LOL

Marg said...

Apparently you need to read One Summer first! I dont really know why, because I haven't actually read it myself, but Kristie did ask so nicely for us to come and give you the message! LOL!!

CindyS said...

Tara Marie - I do love Alphas but I don't like them paired with women who can't handle them. It'll be an adventure ;) And One Summer is now on the radar.

Jennie - I read the forward or whatever and it's all been leading up to this book. Uh, huh. I will so let you know!

Nath - Wait till Toronto!! I'm bringing cash ;)

Rosario - I'm getting the itch to read now ;)

Renee - I'm pretty sure it was your review of Angels Fall that got it put on the list. If it's on your keeper shelf I want to read it! On that note, you should post a picture of your keeper shelf so I can blow it up and read all the titles!

Kristie - that's three - looks like I know what I'll be reading next! And that chuckle has me worried.

Mailyn - Of all the people I know, you deserve to splurge! Sorry you can't right now.

Marg - you have outed yourself! Kristie will have us going to your blog next!


Julia said...

I'm just many of Nora Roberts books did you read? She one of my favorite authors and if you into romance with suspense then I highly recommend you to read Carolina Moon, Carnal Innocence, Blue Smoke, Montana Sky and Three Fates. Now if it series book I highly recommend you to read Chesapeake Bay series (it was trilogy but the 4th one was published because fan "begged" Nora hehehe.

I never read book by Karen Robard before....

CindyS said...

Welcome Julia!

I used to read Nora all the time and have read many of her earlier single titles. I stopped after reading Honest Illusions because it was so emotional and draining. Once I did that, I came back to her section and she now had 4 shelves of books dedicated just to her! I had no clue where to jump in again so I have been watching and keeping notes.

I have the Born In series in my TBR and I think I might have the first of the Chesapeake Bay series also. I've just been waiting to see if I could start with a book that wasn't part of a trilogy. I have way too many connected books that I am following right now so I didn't want to fall into another series.


Julia said...

I know what you mean. Honest Illusion was my first book read by Nora and it also my favorite. It was emotional draining but it was a good book :)

Hmmm...I think Chesapeake Bay is also a little emotional as well...but it is GOOD book. The men are very well written IMO and they're bad boys with sense of humors in between. I hope you find another Nora stand alone books to read. She does have lot. Good luck with that :)

And like you, I too have many connection/series books in my TBR pile or in my keeper books shelf. I'm a big fan of Series/connection books.

Thanks for welcome, Happy Reading!

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy: I loved the Born In and Chesapeake Bay series. They're just wonderful!

CindyS said...

Julia - have you read Public Secrets? That was a gut wrencher and it was awesome and sad.

LinnieGayl - I'm tellin' ya, I have keepers all over my TBR pile! ;)