Monday, June 30, 2008

Still Rolling with the Punches

Just finished up another day of holidays. Bob's family came for a swim and a BBQ. We planned on 15 but only 5 came which made everything much more relaxed.

I'm hoping tomorrow it can just be Bob and I for the day. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe we'll get out of the house and do some shopping.

Tuesday is Canada's Birthday, 141 years young. Damn, if you go here it tells you we really don't have an independence day like most countries.

I was 12 when the Constitution Act (1982) came into effect which I *thought* meant we were no longer part of Britain and that the Queen was no longer well, the Queen. I'm pretty sure we used to sing God Save The Queen when we were younger and the picture of the Queen hung in our schools. Now I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a picture of the Queen anywhere and we sure don't sing the song.

So to my Canadian friends, is the British Queen still *our* Queen. Cause I'm so not liking that.

Meh. The things I get in my head.

I hope you are all having a great weekend and that the sun has somehow found it's way to you!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Binge Ladies Are Having a Contest!!

Head on over to Book Binge to participate in a fun blog hunt to win a pretty bag (purse?) and some books and chocolates to fill it!

Click Here!

I have a hankering for that Trendsetter bag and I'm not a bag kind of lady.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stole it from Marg.

With Steven Spielberg as director my life movie will be a BOFO-Blockbuster!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stay-cation and Crap in my Head

Bob is going to take this Wednesday to next Wednesday off for vacation.

Complete surprise for me.

How doesn't this work for me?

I didn't put any money aside and property taxes are due at the end of the month so I already transferred the money into this stupid account that charges me 5 bucks a transaction if I go over 2 for a month. I did that on purpose to make it a savings account. I'm cheap and I get mad at banks and their fees so I will go without food before moving money out of that account.

Bad Cindy.

But not my fault really because if I had known I could have moved money around.

So really, that's just a hiccup.

You know it's all about my sleep and how I didn't have time to prep myself for the days ahead. I think Bob did this on purpose because I know he likes his mornings to himself. He gets tons of stuff done while I'm sleeping but if I'm already up and bright eyed and bushy tailed when he gets up I throw him completely off his day.

So he didn't tell me in time and now I'm the one who is going to be completely off my game. But I'll learn him. C-Rex can always use some stage time. Trust me, naps will become crucial to his survival.

Some things off the top of my head:

1.) Bob got his stitches out today and his leg looks great. Even the doc was impressed as normally ER docs don't try to be neat so he definitely got lucky.

He comes home and blam - thunderstorm. Droopy lip but still a bit of pep in his step.

He takes me out for a bit and then needs to come home because he's exhausted. Ugh. So I have a nap and then we head out to the pool where we can actually see our breath in the air! Bob put his legs in but wouldn't budge off the side.

Hopefully tonight will be nice enough for him to finally get some swimming in.

2.) Having more than a can of pop a day makes me sluggish and nauseous. Having too many potatoes with dinner only add to this sensation.

3.) There is nothing on TV, no movies I want to rent and nothing I'm interested in re-watching but the damn thing is on for hours with me at night. What I'm searching for is anyone's guess.

4.) Bob's family is coming on Saturday which means lots of cooking and cleaning. Yay for me. NOT.

5.) I've been ignoring Cody's nose for the past three days because I hate seeing the way he looks at me when I get out the face cloth. The good news is that it's not growing and there is no fluid build up so really, I'm wondering if it's a good thing to not rub the wound and re-open it right now.

Yeah. I'm kidding myself. I'll get the face cloth out tomorrow night and force myself to do it. I'll just go and buy him something new and special for a treat afterwards.

6.) Emma needs some tending. Will buy treats for her also.

7.) I went out early in spring and bought all new tops for summer. I bought two new pairs of shorts but can't find them and the ones I have are now huge on me. Yay for losing weight but probably more about losing the elasticity in the stretchy part of the jean short. So buying shorts is on this week's agenda. Bob will love that.

Off to continue surfing and to get a drink of water to see if I can get the tummy to send me some love.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Did I Give Them Up?

Shelfari started the brain up but it was while I was browsing the up-coming books on Chapters online that the thoughts actually formed into words and questions.

There are books that are coming out by authors I once read (eg. Vicky Lewis Thompson, Iris Johansen etc) but for the life of me I can't remember why it is I decided to stop reading their books.

I was once a Nora Roberts reader. I remember exactly when I stopped picking up her books. Honest Illusions. That book rocked my heart and brain so bad that I got scared. Hey, I don't like sobbing while reading a book. The book was excellent but I haven't picked up a book that has been published by her since then.

Now, I have wanted to buy Nora Roberts again but Lor' Tundering Geez By, with reprints I couldn't figure out where I should pick back up. (I've been helped along by AAR Favourite Books by Favourite Authors and have bought the Born In books - I'm also going to raid LinnieGayl's Shelfari shelf and see what her fav is and pick it up (I see the Sea books are there also - I'm having a hard time tracking those down).

I know that I once enjoyed Vicky Lewis Thompson's many books. I know I stopped reading her before the Nerd books and I wasn't going to jump back in with those ones. I think I may have started one of her Nerd books and wondered where the author I once read had gone.

Ah, just tripped over Amanda Ashley - she broke my rule. She cured a vampire. Okay there was much more about it and the vampire was 'oh woe is me' and was a pain in the arse and when he was cured at the end of the book I just wanted to throw the book at the wall. Haven't picked her up again. So that's my own problem.

Still, I've noticed that she seems to be writing paranormals. So, is she writing vampire romances or something else entirely.

I know why I decided to leave Debbie Macomber behind. Her books were too sweet. I know the last few books of hers that I read were set in Alaska. And then there was the book with a blurb and premise that didn't pan out. Hey, if there is a promise of sex, maybe the sex should happen. I think the book was called Sooner or Later.

Here's the book description from Shelfari:

Dear Jack,

I may be a rough, tough solider of fortune but I've me my match!

I'm in Central America on a no-win job and regretting every minute. A woman named Letty Madden hired me to find her missing brother. I'd figured this prim and proper Texas postmistress would run and hide when I named my price: one night. I was wrong.

I swear the woman is my punishment for never giving a damn about anyone. She's as stubborn as a mule and soft and sweet . . . and hell, buddy, I'm in big trouble. Getting out alive is the least of my problems.


Yep, clearly says to me that there is going to be a night of sex. My memory might be shaky but I believe Murphy changes his mind and drops the idea of his fee. I can't even remember if these two kissed on screen. So after this schmazzle, I never bought another of her books.

Too bad. After all, I loved Morning Comes Softly and I either found a used copy or need a copy. Can't remember exactly.

Iris Johansen is definitely a head scratcher. I don't remember much about her books except that bad things did happen and the hero was not always heroic. I may have stopped buying them because of the drama or (and this is my own bad memory) because one of her heroes was married with a child (or at least, he had a woman who bore his child who he was still on good terms with). Should mention this was a historical so I had a hard time figuring out how the H/H were going to live HEA if the hero was already married. This may have messed with my reading box from back then but I think I would be much more open in my reading today. Of course, I believe she has moved on to suspense.

I had to leave Julie Garwood behind - it took me many books to realize the magic was gone but once I figured that out I was able to step away and not look back. At least I have all her great books on my shelves.

I know there are many more authors and I might do a second post but I wanted to know if there are authors that fell off your radar but you can't remember why. Do you think you'll buy their books again or did you get lost like I did in reprint hell wondering if you were about to buy a book you've already read?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Went Shopping!!

Nath reminded me of the buy 3 get the 4th book free promo going on at Chapters/Indigo and I managed to corner Bob into taking my Mom and I to Indigo in Burlington tonight.


First, I have been off Suzanne Brockmann. We were on a break after the horror that was Max and Gina. I'm still a little pissy about it but tonight while looking over the bookshelves I overcame my anger and found plenty of books to buy.

Just so you know, all of these books were prior releases from the Loveswept line. Some of these titles were so hard to come buy people were paying crazy amounts to get their mitts on them. I have to admit, I had similar thoughts but after M/G I was able to stay away.

Sometimes the book Gods love me.

I'm pretty sure I've read Body Language in it's earlier incarnation. I remember enjoying the friends to lovers theme of this book. Really back then, (1998) Suzanne Brockmann could do no wrong in my eyes.

Forbidden was originally released in 1997 and I don't remember the story from the blurb. In fact, I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me Brockmann had once written a story with a cowboy for a hero. I stand ready to read!

I know for a fact that I haven't read Freedom's Price because the blurb sounds very similar to the Max and Gina story. Sounds like an older man is helped by a teenage rebel and then meets her again 5 years later. I wonder if this will be the story I was hoping for with Max and Gina. This one is landing the highest on the TBR pile for sure!

Embraced by Love has an original release date of 1995. The H/H are married with kids so I'm not sure I'm going to be reading this one any time soon but with all the pretty covers I had to buy this one as my 'free' book.

And since I've decided to forgive and forget I bought more Brockmann.

I know. I couldn't hold a grudge to save my life. I figure I now have something like 7 of her books I haven't read so she can't possibly get ahead of me and have me slavering for her next book.

This is where reading slumps and grudges pay off. Authors get ahead of you and you can take things at your own pace. *phew*

I think Into the Storm is after the Max and Gina story followed by Force of Nature (which I think is Jules and Robin's story). C2 I'm hoping you can tell me if I'm wrong.

(Why put the other book titles which are from the Trouble Shooter series on the cover page and not put the book you are holding in with the list? I had to keep picking up these books and flipping through their title pages trying to find the order they came out in.)

They didn't have the Christmas one on the shelf and no others I hadn't read so I moved on. The good news is that it looks like more of her Loveswepts are going to continue getting re-published.

So finally I'm flying without a net.

Oh, the new Loretta Chase book. Thank YOU very much.

And now I just need to pick out my free book.

This is where I surprised myself.

Yep. Colour me confused.

I can honestly say I have yet to read a review by anyone who hasn't liked or loved this book. (or is it a series?)

It's also sitting prominently on some reader's favourite books of the year tallies.

So I grabbed this one. I sure hope it's the first.

Ah well, I won't get to it for a bit anyways.

OH! Lorraine Heath has like three books that are European historicals. Anyone who liked her westerns find these stories any good? I was tempted but was obviously pulled in another direction.

Anyone else (beside Nath cause I've already read about her adventures in buying) go book shopping this weekend? Anyone know how long the promo is going to last?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crack? No Thanks, I'm On Shelfari

I'm addicted to Shelfari but the good news is I'm okay with it.

If you haven't gone there yet, RUN! I'm telling you, it's a great place. I'm Cindy S there too so if you already have an account come find me. (I keep trying to find people and have no luck. Ag found me the other day but I can honestly say I wouldn't have known to look her up under her profile name. Bad Cindy)

If you are still here and wondering what I'm talking about, Shelfari is this beautiful virtual bookshelf that I have now covered in over 450 books that I have read or plan to read. If I added all my TBR pile I would have over 900 books to look at. As of now though I'm just trying to remember all the books I have read.

This led me to re-discover that I'm a visual person. Why I keep forgetting this I have no idea but it came at me again while searching friend's bookshelves and discovering authors and books I read 20 years ago. (OH!! That's the fun part, you can go and look at your friend's shelves and once again, this works better for me in comparing my likes and dislikes with another reader. Eg. LinnieGayl and I have the exact same favourites for JAK and for Julie Garwood - I think this means our historical tastes would be fairly similar. Just telling me this (or writing it) doesn't seem to stick in my brain but seeing it does.)

Now I'm reminiscing about books from my past and wondering about those authors I read during my 'library' time. I didn't keep records then and barely do so now. Leaves me wondering how many author's books I have actually read. Not only that, sometimes I know I've read an author (eg. Jennifer Greene, Joan Johnston, Beverly Barton etc) but I have no clue which book it was. I'm pretty sure I've read most of Joan Johnston but when I see the covers and all the different titles I can't remember where it was I stopped. The re-publishing dates are killing me. I know I haven't read Johnston, Green, Barton etc before 2000 but I can't count on that to help me because of reprints.

On that note I just remembered I haven't put up any Debbie Macomber books that I've read. Wonder how my memory will work with her.

All this plays into watching the DIK ladies swap and talk about their favourite books and heroes. I wanna play too but the rules and swaps and time limits make me skitter away. Still, I may be forced to steal some of their ideas - I hear they like pirates so I may be in good company.

The Book Binge ladies have also been re-reading Judith McNaught which has me wanting to pull her historicals down and re-read them also.

But the TBR pile mocks. Therefore I will try and make a bit of a dent. Or dimple. Hell, an open slot would be welcome about now!

And, because I know many of you think I'm out splashing in my pool, I feel I must share that for the last three days it's been FREEZING!!! The pool temp is currently 64 degrees F so I wouldn't dare dip a toe. Not only that, many of us are wondering if we need to turn the heat on! Right now, my nose is red it's so cold. So much for that heat wave. I'm so ready for another one like NOW.

Finally Bob gets his stitches out on Monday afternoon and it's supposed to be 25 degrees C so he let me know the appointment is at 5:30pm and that he'd be in the pool at 5:32pm.

Here's hoping this strange weather moves on and the heat returns.

Monday, June 16, 2008

From Yucky to Wonderous!

We broke in the pool this weekend and I couldn't be happier. Bob only gets to sit near the pool right now but even doing that is a wonderful experience.

Pictures speak volumes.

We'll start with the wide shot. Notice the patio stones around the pool, the ladder on the far side of the pool and that the water is green in colour (it's pretty but you can't see in the next two pictures just how crummy the pool bottom is)

This picture is a close up of the edge of the pool. You can probably blow up these pictures to see the lack of beauty.
Okay, here is where you can probably see the nastiness that was clear to all who came swimming. If you can blow up the pics then click on this one. From what we can tell the last time the pool was painted they ran out of paint and just kinda white-washed the deep end. Also notice the darker shade around the rim of the pool. We figure grime from the enviroment and such. Uhhhh-gly!!!

Here is the coat of blue paint. Already it looks loads better!

And finally here it is all finished. Grass around the edges except at the back and part of the side because we can't get grass to grow there. We put in 1" river rock and then we'll plant some bushes or low level plants in that area.

Here is a close up of the ladder (the one that Bob moved from one side to the other and managed to open up his leg - his leg looks great by the way) and the mosaic glass. Please note that we haven't grouted the tiles yet except when putting up the tiles the cement came up through them. So in the end, we'll be grouting with the cement. We'll get to that ;)

And finally, here is my little piece of paradise. Blue twinkling water, with a clean looking bottom where you can't see grey or crappy gunge. Not only that, there is no huge scum line because the blue tiles cover the exposed area.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I managed to snap this picture in the split second I was able to get them to quit playing. Could they be cuter?

Sunny is on the left there and is my best friend Sue's puppy. Fumble is 4 weeks younger than Sunny and is a poodle - golden retriever mix. I'm so in love with Fumble but Sue gets jealous if I coo over him too much.

Basically these two get together and they tumble and play for hours.


I snapped this picture after they had been falling all over each other for an hour. I thought the slobber on their fur would show up. I wish I had the other pictures I took - I got nose shots, butt shots, feet, tails, everything! (I took them on Sue's camera)

It's definitely hard when you have an old boy and you get to spend time with two 6 month old puppies. The energy and baby soft fur. The wiry coats haven't grown in yet (Fumble will have more of a wiry coat) so they are soft to cuddle.

If you can catch 'em.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Things

Cody got a bath outside today. It was hard for both of us. Me because he acted completely put out and him because soap was involved.

When he and Rocky were younger we used to put the pool out for them to jump in. Cody would actually lie down in the water and even dunk his head under. Bring out the shampoo though and BLAM they were gone.

Nothing has changed in that respect.

The good news is that Cody no longer smells like way too many dirty feet and is now sporting 'whiff of wet dog'. I dried and dried and dried him and hours later his coat is still damp. Tomorrow is brush out day. He's going to be wicked fluffy.

No matter, it perked him something new. He was all butt dragging today but after his bath he was all ready to do whatever came next.

Cute monkey.

I also got some household stuff done which has been driving me crazy for a month.

*Note to self - you want to wash the exterior of your windows with the hose and windex the screens are filthy!*

Tomorrow I clean the house. I hadn't bothered vacuuming for the past bit because Cody smelled so cleaning up all the fur wasn't working. So everything gets de-furred tomorrow. (Also, Amber has a spot that she goes to when she needs comfort and whenever I go to vacuum she's sleeping there so I don't bother. However, gentle time is over, the chair is supposed to be grey-green not orange and furry.)

AND, tomorrow the ladder to the pool may finally be put in. That concrete with the killer re-bar is the piece that needs to be put into place so that the ladder can go in the pool. Our pool was made by the former home owner and the water level is a foot below where the top of the pool is. Now, try and heft your body a foot straight into the air with nothing but your arms and wrists? Only one person (oldest Godson) is able to do it. I figure it's not worth breaking my wrist over.

So I think tonight I may be able to take my inaugural swim for 2008.

I told Bob I would wait for him but he said he wants me in the pool. Get this, this weekend is fairly nice (rain here and there) so we'll get out with the family etc. Starting Monday the long range forecast shows rain everyday for 10 days. I think it's funny that Bob may not be the only person not swimming while his wound heals!

I also finally made my homemade hamburgers again.

Just in case, here's what I do:

1 lb extra lean ground beef
1/2 a chopped onion
1/2 bag of lightly seasoned croutons crushed with a roller
1 egg
2 Tbsp of milk
1 Tbsp of mustard
Shake in some steak spice

Mix it all up and make into patties.

Tonight I did 2 lbs (doubled everything but decided to add another egg) - made nine patties.

The seasoned croutons pack a wonderful flavour punch that you don't get from the 'seasoned bread crumbs'

I can't wait for Monday next week. We have so many plans over the next few days but on Monday, the house will be clean, all family and friends will have been for a swim and I can totally veg with my current book.

Since I'm not there yet, what do you do to pump up the flavour in your BBQ foods.

What is your favourite summer time dish?

Don't be shy about leaving the recipes in the comments. Seriously.

Chicken breast help would be greatly appreciated! It's either plain or BBQ sauce - I just want more flavour!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thanks To Kat O+

Whoa, slow down!! It's me! Cindy!

Yep, spiffy new digs.

I hope Kat doesn't mind that I followed her link to her template provider I could easily change my template once a month with the designs I sighed at over there.


Some fun and fresh designs and thanks to Kat O+ I was even able to add all my links and do-dads without any hassle. You'd think I was a pro!

Small updates:

Bob is doing very well. He's in no pain which just blows my mind. I've done one cleaning of the wound and am about to attempt my next. Right now, Cody is more of a concern to both of us than Bob's poor leg.

Cody smells like feet.

Not just two feet.

Like a locker room full of sweaty teenage sneaker feet.

I filled his little pool today and took out buckets of hot water to add to the cold but there was no way I could do it to him. The water was just too chilly. I'm leaving it out and hoping that tomorrow I could add a few hot buckets and get the water warm enough to attempt cleaning him.

I need to upload the pictures of my pool. It's gorgeous! And Bob can truly say, 'with blood, sweat and tears'.

Okay, I'm up way too late and need to wind down. Off to veg in front of the TV and try not to snack on anything.

I'm thinking that might be a lost cause.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

911 What Is Your Emergency?

Bob, bless him, helped me to start reading again!

It only took a piece of re-bar, a gapping leg wound, two ambulances and an ER visit with multiple stitches.

He just gives and gives and gives!

So to start, he's fine and catnapping in his lazyboy. *thank you Jesus!*

This little story starts a month ago when we opened our mammoth white whale of a pool. For over thirty days we've been weather watching and doing every thing we can to get the pool up and running. The weather people have had a hate on for us.

On Friday we get the news.

Heat wave.

And it's going to be bad.

(I swear we do some of the most physical outdoor work during heat waves)

Bob, loving his young bride (that's right, I said young) starts tiling the pool like his tail is on fire. Tiling is finished and water is ordered.

Sunday afternoon.

The pool is filled almost to the top (squeeeee) but the water is 58 degrees and well, neither of us are that brave. Still, Bob has plans and he has called in my father for re-enforcement. Currently, the ladder comes up on the far side of the pool and we've decided we want it moved to the other side. I figured Bob would pour a new cement pad. Nope. A concrete saw was rented.

Already I'm antsy. I actually put the wireless phone front and center in the kitchen and I make jokes about 911 calls.

I leave the house. I don't do well when I think accidents can happen so off I go for water testing and groceries.

I come home around 2pm and Bob and my Dad are taking a break (humidex is 40 degrees Celsius) and they are covered head to toe in dust and dirt and grime. They inform me the cutting is almost done. Bob gets up after a few minutes and heads back out to the pool. My Dad jokingly says he's not done his water (hey, he's not as young as my hubby and it's HOT) and we start yammering.

I'm not sure how long we were in the house before I noticed my husband running.

I've never seen Bob run before. I mean, the grass was being torn up. I believe I did say out loud, 'Bob's running'.

My Dad turns to the window and we're trying to decipher hand signals.

Then Bob gets out of the pool area and all I see is red from the knee down.

I'm ashamed to admit my first thought and possible words were, 'I can't do this'. My father headed towards where Bob was running while I went in the opposite direction. Bad Cindy.

Bob had a towel on the wound so fast I didn't even see it. My Dad however, had gotten an eye full and well, he's not good with blood. But his stiffened those knees and was ready to help.

Bob got his directives out immediately. More towels and call an ambulance.

My Dad asked if we could drive him. To which I said 'NO!' cause I had visions of spewing blood and me trying to drive. I had the phone already and was hearing the rings when it occurred to me that my Dad needed to move away from Bob. So we switched places.

I think my Dad was extremely grateful.

I held the towels and kept the torqued to stem the bleeding.

That's when Bob tells the story. It wasn't the saw that got him, it was the rebar (huge steel bars used when pouring concrete). He had just finished cutting the metal and had put that saw away. He then decided he could lift the 300lb slab of concrete by himself.

That's when he felt the heat and looked down.

The rebar sliced his leg (thankfully in the fatty tissue) open and his first thought was 'wtf?' followed by 'that's gonna need more than a band-aid'.

It was hours later that I finally took a look at the wound and it was very nasty. Four inches long, splayed open and about 3/4 of an inch deep. *shudder*

We were sent to an older hospital and tended by a surgical resident. An artery was slightly cut and needed an interior stitch. Then two more interior stitches to help close the wound. Finished up with 13 stitches.

Thing is, these stitches look so different and scary that I felt a little ill when I saw the finished result. You know baseball stitches? That's was Bob's leg looks like. Also, it's raised about 1/4 inch - it's a special way that the resident felt would help the scar fall down after the stitches came out.


Anyone want to see pictures? I'll take them when we clean it up tomorrow. Clean and dry for the next 24 hours.

Being Canada, there is always a wait and I always have a book.

Just so happens it's the book I won at Book Binge.

Jessica Andersen's Night Keepers and wow! The opening was intense and I can't wait to find out what's going on. But the stitches were finished and getting Bob home and cozy was the only thing on my mind.

Irony is the poor guy can't go swimming until the stitches are out.

14 days and counting.

Now if you'll excuse me, sleep is now very much needed.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The 'Oh Noes'!!

My Dad is flying back home today from Malaysia.


He's only home for a week.


At least I bought him a nice BBQ for Father's Day.


One re-trip to Rona and I still don't have all the parts for the BBQ and we think the lid is wrong.


The BBQ is sitting prominently in the kitchen sure to be the first thing he sees and I'm sure there is nothing like a 16 hour flight followed by an hour taxi ride home to find a partially assembled BBQ mocking you.

Wanna BBQ? Can't have it.

Lookit that, we have a BOOOO!!!

I've been up since 3am.


It's now 3:30pm and it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.

Uh, wh-

So in the end, I care about nothing except the fact that I need to lay my head on down.

Template remains the same.

Reading same.

TV boring.

But I got out this morning and saw my Mom, my brother and my best friend.

Now if only I can stay up until Bob gets home!

That's all.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Uh, NO!!

There is no way I can keep this template as I can't read the friggin' font!!

Pyzam I guess only works if you upgrade to the widget type blogger and OMG what a royal FUBAR that stuff is. I have no clue how to read the stupid HTML it gives you and I can only seem to change the size of the columns! Everything else is done by widgets.


I couldn't leave the plain one up after deleting the last one and my fav. designer of templates has left the building (or is trying to find a new home).

So yeah.

Crying with me might make me feel better.


C-Rex roars to life.

EDITED: Phew - there was a button where I could revert back to my classic template. Basically I hate the widget stuff - I know how to manipulate this template and woohoo - my buddy blogs are back. Off to relax and visit with others cause this was BAD!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bad Way To Wake Up

I woke up so miserable this past evening that I burst into tears.

Oh, delightful.

Gotta hand it to my hubby though. Got me moving and out of the house for an hour before all the stores closed and then fed me.

Why miserable? It's raining. Which normally I'm all good with but it's also spring and the windows are open so I felt like I had slept in soup the whole time. I woke up saturated and upset that Cody hadn't even got up to eat yet (he normally gets up like clockwork for food). Cody can't handle humidity and boy, it was a friggin fog land I woke up to. So I was stressed about him.

Then I knew I was out of sleeping pills and needed to get my prescription over to my pharmacist only I read the sheet and I can't see where the sleeping pills are. Yep. I have no script for my sleeping pills. Talk about having a panic attack.

Bob brought up the dehumidifier and put it outside our bedroom door. I ended up crawling back into bed when Bob went to sleep and didn't crawl out again for 5 hours. Obviously, sleep is a necessity for me to stay even keeled.

The forcast is dire over the next week. The pool isn't close to finished and the weekend has temperatures that are feeling like over 30 degrees Celcius. That is so not going to fly for me. Grumpy probably won't cover my range of emotions.


Letter from WW Canada Online:

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for contacting

Please be advised that the pricing of the Weight Watchers® Internet products sold in Canada has not changed. The cost of Weight Watchers Online in Canada is C$61.90 for the 1 month plan and C$84.95 for the 3 month plan (with each additional month at C$21.95). The cost of Weight Watchers eTools in Canada is C$39.95 for the first three months and C$17.95 for each additional month.

Due to changes in exchange rates the conversion of Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars will fluctuate over time, but this has no impact on the rates that we continue to offer on

I won't sign the poor person's name because no one needs that kind of hate mail.

Basically a big 'Bite Us' . Bob told me to e-mail back with a Thanks, I'll be at Jenny Craig. Meh. I'm beginning to think that when I go to try and join the American one they'll know I'm Canadian and kick my butt out. We'll see. I'm going to sign up for their 7 day free trial. Where? On the US site cause Lord knows us Canadians can't get a deal.

(And why when I've made the decision it's time to stop playing around and get back at it am I constantly starving and shoving food in my mouth. It's like my brain has signaled the body that food is about to become scarce so it's driving me to eat everything in sight. Yetch)

Okay, enough with that.

Oh! Did want to mention to anyone who has seen the movie Sicko (and I'm sure I ranted about it before) we (Canadians) do not have free health care. Nope. We pay taxes. I'm very happy with our healthcare, I make no bones about it but if the guy from Sicko said 'free' one more time I was going to do my own movie that says 'Yo, not free numbnuts.'

Or, you know, something witty.

For those who follow LOST I was wondering why Jeremy Bentham sounded familiar and went to look it up. Found LOST wiki and started to read about John Locke. A question was asked and the answer the writers gave made me realize I have no clue what is going on on that island. I mean, I thought I had some valid theories but I can't figure out what they were getting at. Since I don't like spoilers and such I don't go on the LOST forums and reading how the writers responded made me realize I had been missing a few things. Or a million.

Will have to pay closer attention when the new season begins.

Finally I've been trying to find a new template for the blog. So far the one I'm working with hates me and my code so I may have to just move on and put up something for the sheer sake of not looking at snowflakes!

So things will look wonky for a bit.

Like me.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Look in the Old Noggin'

Strap in, I'm thinking it's going to be a doozy!

First, I finally e-mailed Weight Watchers Canada Online because they are charging 20 bucks more for their program than their American counterpart. I can't wait for the response and it better not be filled with a bunch of crap about costs not being even. I don't care. It's online and the dollar is basically even so man up and give me a discount.

Why did I finally (and seriously I've been yakking about it for a while) e-mail them? I got on the scale and discovered I had gained a pound. I know, it's just a pound but there are 14 more fuckers waiting to pile in with it and it ain't happening! So back on a diet. I still have a battalion of weight to lose but I've decided maybe doing it 5 lbs at a time is fine. My first 5 lb loss just about killed me. It doesn't want to leave without a huge offensive. Soooo -

I started by going to the grocery store. Yep. I made some homemade burgers (not as much heading out for dinner with that side of fries if there is food in the house), got some chicken and I'm stocked with water. Now I just have to make it happen.


Sure I have pictures! I was beginning to think you weren't going to ask.

Here's a preview of the almost finished pool. I'll do up a before and after picture collage when it's all done but thought I would share the blue that is the pool. The paint has cured and now it's tile time. Course, rain has been in the forecast for every second of the past week. Has it rained? Nope. I swear the weather people are just as clueless as the rest of us. I'm starting to think they are just looking out their windows or, and I'm leaning more in this direction, if they call for crappy weather and it's gorgeous who's going to get mad at them? ME! I can't tile the friggin pool with rain in the forecast!!


Yep, one order coming up!

I'm typing this while listening to the distant thunder as a storm is about to finally roll in.

With the threat of rain Bob can't tile as we need 24 hours dry time for the cement and stuff. So the pool is 1/4 of the way done and Bob's plan is to have the pool filled and ready by Monday of next week. I had the audacity of moving one of those little tiny tiles by a millimeter and got hollered at in a hackneyed French accent.

"I am an ar-tea-st!!"

So yeah, not going to be helping and thus, at his mercy.



Just figured out the camera and computer didn't communicate nicely and I don't have the Cody picture downloaded.

Yeah, yeah. You've seen him before. Got it.

Ah yes! A booklet showed up in the mail and I never read junk mail cause it burns my butt that I have to slog through this stuff just to get my bills out.

But, something caught my eye.

A full-page add for a hypno-therapy clinic where they are offering 50% off sessions.

I don't know about you but I feel like a window just opened. I wish they would put their prices up on the website. Then I would know if I was even close to going.

Finally, I've decided my brain can't relax.

Okay, so you probably figured that out ages ago but I keep telling myself how next week things will calm down and I'll have plenty of time to read and relax.

Yeah. I'm thinking hypno-therapy has to be in the equation.

My blind kitty is trying to get to the window behind me because she can smell the rain. Okay I have to go and knock on the window sill so she can figure out where it is.

More mind bending thoughts to come tonight.

I heard that.