Thursday, July 12, 2007

And Now ...

Not a ton of progress on the shed but I haven't really let Bob work on it. He comes home and I want to get out of the house. I should really buy some steaks for tonight and do a BBQ.

Oh get up off the floor, acting all shocked and stuff. Sheesh!

It didn't pour rain today (the weather network is FIRED!) which was a surprise so Bob and stumbled around trying to figure out what to do with ourselves since it was nice out. Didn't want to go to the movies, Bob didn't want to drive too far, I didn't want to go to Home Depot and voila, Bob and I are over it. I was all, just drive me home, you're making me crazy and Bob's all, I shouldn't have said blah, blah. No *I* shouldn't have said anything and Bob's your uncle.

Since I tend to be the louder of us Bob went to Depot but I waited in the car and the poor Depot employees got it with both barrels. Not really, Bob doesn't take crap out on other people but he was pissed when he came back because some loon had riffled through a ton of wood and placed it in the plywood bin which is where he needed to be so we're both crabby.

Costco fries and hot dog evened out our tempers. (Food tends to do that but it's also the thing that will send me over the edge - I wanted Ikea fries and gravy but that's a 20 minute drive and it basically started from there)

So we're all good and I have to tell you that Bob has the best laugh. I hadn't heard him really laugh in a while but tonight I was bugging him before he went to bed and he got started which immediately makes me laugh. So I wouldn't stop and Bob's trying to fight me off but not really hard and we're laughing and he finally bursts out, 'I'm starting a blog!' Guess he thinks you all don't know how much of a freak I am. So naturally I kept bugging and laughing. It was when he threatened to bug me when I was trying to sleep that I stopped. Yep. No messin' with the sleep cycle.

I just love his laugh.

As to books, I'm feeling the bug!

I'm currently reading HelenKay Dimon's Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy and I'm really enjoying it. This was the book with the opening that threw me for a loop but I powered through until everything smoothed out. Now I'm really enjoying the H/H but I'll get into more of that when I go to give my 'opinion'.

Since I'm enjoying this book I thought I would stroll on over to her website and get a list of her previous titles. Oh, look it my luck, this is her FIRST single title. I should have known. Find an author you like and the backlist isn't as full as I would prefer.


But (and here's the good part), while Bob was in Depot I had Diane Gaston's book The Wagering Widow with me so I opened it and started. Well, colour me intrigued.

Yep. My reading mojo is coming back slowly but surely.

Took it's hairy sweet time but I shouldn't be bitter.


Suisan said...

I enjoyed The Wagering Widow. Diane Gaston is also Diane Perkins. I don't think I've yet been disappointed by anything in her backlist.

Holly said...

WOOHOO on your mojo coming back. Now if mine would just join yours...*sigh*

Sorry you and Bob were grumpy yesterday. I hate it when both me and MM are in a bad mood. I tell him all the time, "you need to get over it, because I'm grumpy and we can't both be at the same time". Yeah, that hardly ever works.

C2 said...

Teh returns. Yay! :-D

I'm gonna have to pick up the Dimon book, I just know it. Conveniently, I got coupons in my email today. More yay!

ReneeW said...

Glad you got your reading mojo back! I enjoyed TWW and have the Dimon book on my wishlist. I love my Bob's laugh too. One of the first things I remember that attracted me to him. An empty stomach always makes him grumpy too ;)

nath said...

all I have to say, Cindy is:

Go, go, go!!!

Robin said...

You get fries at your Costco? I feel cheated now -- we only get chips. The dogs are worth it, though.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on gettin the mojo back!! Love costco dogs. Whenever I visit your blog, even when you think you are having a bad day, you mkae me smile.

Anonymous said...

oops, I'm not usually anonymous..... made a mistake somewhere.