Sunday, July 08, 2007

Really Quick!

One of my best buds dropped in today unannounced at 2pm. Bob was forced to beard the lion in her den and yeah, I crawled my groggy butt out of bed.

Luckily everyone is still alive.

My friend has been having a very hard time of it lately so I'm glad she came with her young guy to get out of her head for a while. Her little guy is a ham and will grow up to be a contractor or builder, carpenter or roofer. This boy can't get enough of building materials and today he was in his glory because there were 'MEN' building a shed and he got to stand along side.

On that note, I think Bob may have killed my dad. In fact, that 'still alive' comment may come back to bite me!

Bob worked my poor father until 6pm and it was a scorcher today. My brother has come for a visit and I haven't seen him in ages so he's coming to help Bob tomorrow with the shed. What a great kid. (He's 32 but he's still a kid and my baby brother in my eyes)

So I will have to get my behind out of bed again around 2pm which is not normally as successful as when it happens just because. I took 2 sleeping pills tonight hoping they'll finally knock me out but I'm thinking I'm feeling a little jazzed.

I don't know what 'jazzed' is but I know it when it decides to sit with me.

Ah well, I just breezed in to give you the update picture - the roofing trusses sound like they took some serious time to figure out and they stick built them so no pre-made easy things for these guys. Nope. Heavy tools, heavy lifting and heavy sweating!

My dad thinks it's pretty funny we're putting all this work into a shed that you just might not see when it's done. As it is, we may not see the roof from the deck at this point.


It's scheduled to get to 32 degrees Celsius *before* the humidex. Hmm, just did the calculation to F and it looks like I'm a wuss once again. 90F. Screw it, it's going to be friggin' hot and I'm going to end up doing all I can not to move tomorrow.

Bob has been put on A/C duty. The minute he gets up he is to turn on the Air. No questions just DO IT!!

Heat stroke is sooo not on my agenda. (got sun stroke when I was 19 and have never been able to handle the heat and forget about the sun ever since!)

I may not even leave the house for a swim.

Nah. I do love to swim.


Rosie said...

Wow, that's coming along great! Cindy week...sounds good. Which means I can institute Rosie week. I think you're on to something.

nath said...

Wow, Bob is a quick builder!!! :P it already has four walls, a window! and be careful of heat stroke.. in my opinion, just don,t stay out too long outside and if you do, wear a hat :P

Kristie (J) said...

It's interesting watching the progress on the shed. Looks like it will be ever so much better than a prefab one!