Sunday, July 01, 2007

No, Not That!!!

For Jenster, who made my whole family laugh! (Jenster thought a Magic Bullet was something she wouldn't think of whipping out in front of her family - now I want to see a picture of that!!)

Official site.

And because it's from my beloved Aunt I always try to show her that we use the gifts she gives us. Even when clean up is a pain.

And just so you know, the term 'goosed' is not quite what you think it means. Learned that tonight playing Upwords with the family.

In the Scrabble dictionary is means 'to poke, pinch between the buttocks.' Yep. So not what I was expecting!

Yetch. Don't look it up on the Urban dictionary!!

I know, promised no blogging but I have the book out and I'm going to read tomorrow.

I figured I'd tell you I bought more books last night because the buy 3 get one free is still on at Chapters.

I just can't remember what I bought and I needed to put all my books away. Ooops.

Oh!! And I ordered online also.

No, not made of money but I was in the shopping mood.

Let's see, Lean Mean 13 cause it was 17 bucks and I'll probably get a chuckle, An Unfortunate something or other - has Anne Stuart story - IN! And then I bought a DVD of stand up comedian Wanda Sykes cause I think she's hilarious and I wanted to see her act - Ames and I were talking about her and I found a DVD on Amazon. Done!!

Now, you know what blows? does not ship out the things they have in stock for free and then ship the remainder later for free. What's up with that? Chapters rocks the shipping cause you can order a bunch of books with different ship dates and as long as you purchased the 35 dollars worth to get free shipping they will ship you each piece as they get it. I've had Chapters do an order in three separate shipments and they've never charged me a dime.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking Amazon won't ship my books because I didn't notice it was 1 to 3 weeks to get the DVD in stock. So they have a possible date of middle of July. Stupid.

And finally, I am a Pina Colada whore.

You know how I'm not a drinker? Well, we buy these buckets with the flavoring and some sugar pouch and then we add rum (it says to add 750ml but I only added at 500 ml). Then you freeze it so you get a slushy.

Oh. My. God.

I know myself however, and I'm not one to overindulge so I just scoop out about 1/2 a cup and eat the slushy part with a spoon.


My family thinks it's funny because they are all booze hounds but I never drank until last summer when I was introduced to these wickedly awesome Popsicle like substance.

My family came here at 3pm and Bob had two glasses of wine in about 30 minutes and crawled into bed for about an hour and a half. Too funny.

Then we come in after dinner and the rest of us play Upwords and Bob fall asleep on his chair.

I love my Bobby and now my family gets a kick out of him too.

Okay, rambling now so thanks for all the happy wishes and have a safe holiday everyone!!


Mollie said...

I think you'll enjoy Lean Mean 13. I just got the Unfortunate Miss Fortunes from the library. Although I got it for Jennifer Crusie not Anne Stuart. LOVE Wanda Sykes! She is one of my fav stand up comedians. Got to see her show here in Columbus a few years back! Fun times!!!

C2 said...

I liked 13, too - not enough Ranger, says me, but could there be too much, really?? ;-)

Sounds like you had a good party! I'm like Bob when it comes to alcohol. Just point me toward a good napping spot. LOL

Mailyn said...

OMG I have a Magic Bullet! Aren't they fun??? OK, for me, who doesn't know how to boil water, they are a hoot!!

I like PiƱa Coladas but my favorites are White Russians and Orgasms. Can't get any better than that! Oh and raspberry swirl told me ablot Blowjobs and they seem quite delicous so Imma have to try one. I have a thing for sweet drinks.

Although I never did like daiquiries. Yuck.

ames said...

how long is that sale going on? sheesh. lol

Chantal said...

I have a magic bullet, but mine isn't something to play with in the kitchen, lol

Jenster said...

Yeah, Chantal! Mine's in a locked box on the top shelf of my bathroom closet! LOL! Oh my gosh. I needed this laugh.

Thanks for clarifying, Cindy. :o) And I'm glad I could amuse your family.

We do Buckethead margaritas - the same thing as your pina coladas. LOVE THEM!

Devonna said...

My sister gave me a Magic Bullet for Christmas 2005 ~ I gave it back to her for her wedding, 2007 still unopened. She wanted one ~ I'm perfectly happy with my regular blender :-)

I'm patiently waiting to get my hands on 13 ~ I have 2 friends who bought it, whoever finishes it first is going to borrow it to me. I already know I'll be disappointed ~ it's really time for some Ranger lovin' again.