Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm guessing we're gluttons for punishment around here.

Today was another hot one and Bob and Dad worked on the shed until almost 6pm. I know they were out there around 10am so another long day and the back slope of the roof hasn't even been started.

I told Bob to ask another of his buddies to come and help this week so my dad doesn't feel the need to come next weekend. The poor guys looked all wrung out.

On top of this I had mentioned to my best friend that she should bring the kids for a swim (I thought she had to go to work at 4pm so I figured an afternoon swim). Turns out she didn't have to go to work and dinner would be nice.


Another trip to the grocery store where once again I was surprised at the number of people out and about (more like in my way). I'm not really sure where all my energy went but by 3pm I was tuckered. I went out and told Bob that 'daylight' was over and I was going for a nap.

Pukey is how I felt when I got up at 5pm but I knew I had company coming and that food would probably make everything all right.

My dad begged off going for a swim because our company had shown up. He said a shower would do him just as well.

Those of you who have kids know what it's like when a friend is leaving - 'Johnny, Steve is leaving, come and say good-bye'. I actually had to pull that with Bob tonight because he was already in the pool and needed to be reminded that his helper for the day was leaving. He didn't even lift his head from the back float he was doing. Goober.

I walked my dad out and since I feel a need to explain my nocturnal ways I just shrugged and said something about being tired. He said, 'well of course, with people coming and going all weekend'. Definitely relieved the guilt of having a nap.

A bit of a swim was shortly followed by the BBQ being lit and they left shortly there after.

Bob hit the couch and fell asleep while I surfed for a bit. I'm officially in veg mode but I'm hoping tomorrow I can sit and read Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr.

Now, if only my brain would stop pointing out things that need to be done.

Watching a show on hoarders is probably not helping me to relax - it's making me want to toss everything in the house and start over!



nath said...

Poor Cindy! I hope you can sleep the day today :D it does sound as if you'd have a big week-end with a lot of ppl coming and going :D at least, you have a pool :D LOL :D So, you're going to read Whispering Rock? Did you read Virgin River first?

ames said...

i get the same urge whenever i watch clean sweep. i gots lots o junk. lol

Mailyn said...

Another trip to the grocery store where once again I was surprised at the number of people out and about (more like in my way).

That's the same exact way I feel every time I go anywhere. Why are people always in my way? I feel ya.

I had the Harry hangover! LOL. Well, I DID got to bed for like 5 hours afterwards but that was enough for me. I'm still on a Harry high. I hope you read your book as well.

C2 said...

Yup, watching those organization shows makes me want to organize...but if you sit really still for a few minutes, the impulse goes away. ;-)

I always wonder where all the people at the market or Walmart come from, too. Especially the ones with kids - in the middle of the day during the school year. I mean, I know people home school or whatever but are there really that many? And what is a trip to the store - economics class?

Kristie (J) said...

Um - have you read the first two before Whispering Rock? Cause I normally don't read series books in any kind of order, but in this case I think you almost have to read the first two in order to understand who the heck all the people are.
If you do find it a bit confusing and you want to read the first two, I can bring 'em with me.
And if you do decide to wait - ah - I know of another book you could read instead *huge grin*