Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now What?

My cousin has come and gone and I'm on day time hours. Yesterday was brutal. I started yawning around 6pm and it was a struggle to stay up. Still, we watched Premonition and I like watching the special features on certain movies so it was closing in on 2am (possibly 2:30am) by the time I got to bed.

The alarm at 11am hurt.

It was good though. Bob was in the area so we went to lunch with him and then we did some mini-shopping and LOTS of swimming. Then we went and bought 3 steaks and did a BBQ. Nice.

My knee is killing me but that might be because I swam 16 laps of the pool and then did 4 laps with just my legs. I want to get the cardio going but I know I have to let my knee rest so the water (on the knee) doesn't build up. I have to start taking Ibuprofen (makes me feel pukey) but I was going to wait and see what side effects were hitting me with the increased dose of my normal meds. I'm just not sure I can take the pain at night. Throbs even when I'm trying to sleep. Ugh.

On top of that I haven't been getting my blog rounds done so look out, I'm coming!

Tomorrow there will be no alarm. Sweet. I'm thinking Evanovich is next up and I have a few days before the weekend when people will show up looking to escape the heat.


Mailyn said...

I was wondering where you went!

Rosie said...

Remember me, Nosy Nora? Well, I get a little antsy after a few days of no blog hopping. I feel much better when I know what everyone is up to. Sounds like you had fun, and that's a GOOD thing. See ya around campus.

nath said...

Hey Cindy!! At least, it sounds like you had lots of fun :D Premonition... that's the movie with Sandra Bullocks right? is it good? I'm glad you're back, although you weren't away for long :D

CindyS said...

Mailyn - I'm never too far away ;)

Rosie - so I'm not the only one that gets antsy - Phew! And it wasn't as stressful as I worried but I am an expert worrier ;)

Nath - Premonition wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be and even though I understand the whys and stuff, I'm still not convinced. I actually liked watching the DVD extras of real life premonitions. Scary stuff I tell ya.