Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, That's Better.

Leave it to me to rant about Crapazon only to have the package land on my doorstep today.

Still, their logistics department could use an overhaul. Or maybe they should try ordering a few books from their Canadian competition and see how they are kicking Amazon's ass.

So I got Lean Mean 13 by Evanovich.

Settle down, you knew I was going to buy it.

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes - Anne Stuart - squeeeeeeeee!

I think I know which two books I will be reading this month.

And Wanda Sykes Sick and Tired. There's even a little sticker that says 'As Seen On HBO'. Sure. Rub it in why don't you, stupid Canadian television.

I think Sex and The City was on in the States for three years before it was brought to Canada. Deadwood will probably never be shown although after many years they did bring the Sopranos up here (not that I watched).

Obviously I'm bored with TV right now and nothing new and exciting is coming out of the video place. My cousin should be here in a few hours and if it rains (we waited and waited as she's been off for two weeks, for the weather to look clear for more than a day - now it shows thundershowers for the next three days - here's hoping they are wrong again) maybe we can go to the movies and see Die Harder or Transformers. Yeah.

Update: Saw Live Free or Die Hard and loved it! The only thing is that in this installment some of the action scenes just weren't as plausible as the first movie. The thing about Die Hard was that it just seemed like ordinary stuff that could really happen - fantastically maybe but, could happen. This one had some stuff that even the luckiest person on the planet couldn't handle.

Still. It was John McClane and you gotta love him - also his sidekick was hilarious and Timothy Olyphant is not bad on the eyes either! Soooooo buying this when it comes out!

Okay, I have to get to bed so I can be all eagle eyed tomorrow.



ames said...

yay! i'm so glad you finally saw it. :P

yeah, some of those scenes were sketchy, but it was still so much fun to see. lol

what's your fave scene? mine is the airbag one.

Jenster said...

I saw it this weekend, too. It was GREAT! Yeah, a bunch of the stunts weren't believable, but it was still so much fun!

Mailyn said...

You kidding me?! I have YET to see an action movie where the action was plausible and I'm a die hard [pun intended] action freak! LOL. Come on now, remember all those "coincidences" in the first Die Hard? Er...yeah. :-P

I don't think I've ever had much trouble with Amazon, even the Canadian one. Oh and I must say that the French and UK one are very good at shipping their stuff.

Still, I know how frustrating it all can be. It's happened to me with independent booksellers. Ugh.

nath said...

man, I definitively have to go see Die Hard :D so did it rain? I wanted to comment on your previous post, but I was just dead tired... What I wanted to say is yeah, Amazon really waits till they have all your order before shipping it, which sucks and that's one of the reason I prefer Chapters :D Also, Amazon dates never make sense :(

Margaret said...

I know Deadwood was not available on regular tv in Canada, but it was available thru The Movie Network channels. Most of the HBO/Showtime stuff is.

Canada's Next Top Model (I love it, I'm shallow) finale was last night so not much on for me either.

Mollie said...

LOVE Wanda Sykes. She kills me.

My mom just told me that they're not renewing Deadwood for another season though...:(. Apparently they are going to have like a mini-series or something to wrap up the show though so that's good!!!

Sigh. Still haven't seen Die Hard.