Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pool Fun!!

I just came in from a 4 am swim (finished vacuuming the downstairs and was all hot and sweaty). I woke Bob up and asked if he wanted to get in the pool - I only do that when he is on vacation. His response 'uhmph?'

I told him I was going to take a quick swim which got him rolling out of bed pretty fast. Not to swim but to come out and keep an eye on me. At our old house we had a pool that was 5' deep everywhere so I could go swimming whenever I wanted without worrying Bob. Now we have a pool with a deep end and Bob made me promise I wouldn't swim at night unless he came out.


But I know he does it out of love. And then I won't wake him and forgo swimming out of love.

Yeah, what a wheel we're on.

So I showed Bob how fantastic 4am is. I only swam a bit and then quickly got out so Bob could crawl back into bed - poor guy.

He asked if I thought anyone would mind if he started hammering now.

Yep, we both kid each other about the pros and cons of the day and night.

I'll show you what Bob's been doing on his vacation. (I sent an e-mail out to the family and friends and they laugh - only Bob would build something on his vacation but then again, I didn't have enough warning to get my sleep around so he has his days free)

Okay, so here's the first picture.

Notice anything?

It's to the left.

Here's a closer shot.

How about now?

It's a shed in the trees!

Well, it's more like the floor of the shed in the trees.

I was all upset when Bob said he wanted to build a shed (he has a 2 car garage and an empty basement - two things we didn't have at the other house). I kept thinking it would ruin the back yard and then we wouldn't have as much grass and well, I love the land.

It wasn't until Bob went and marked it off from the back fence that he realized the shed would barely make it to the edge of the tree line. I was all, 'Get OUT!'

So he gets to build a shed but I got to pick out all the siding and brick work and I'm thinking it's going to look fantabulous! I should mention that Bob has got it in his head to use old exterior doors with glass in them - from our first reno. I haven't put the kibosh on it yet cause maybe it'll work. Hey, have to let him have some hope the he helped with the look of the shed.

Our friends have asked why we didn't just buy a shed.

Uh, cause they are crazy expensive (the nicest one we saw was 4 grand and it wasn't something I would call easy on the eyes) and I wanted something that looked natural. So for a little less I get a custom shed and I'm all about custom!

We'll have to wait and see. Bob actually accepted that the siding was going to take a whole week to arrive. I thought maybe he was ill also but apparently this is the 'New Bob'.

I hope New Bob sticks around when I start renovating the interior of our house! Nothing like being told you have two options cause that's all that's in stock.

Nope. So not gonna fly!


Kat O+ said...

Aw, I love reading about the little (and big) things you do for each other out of love. :-)

Mailyn said...

That's so sweet of him to wake up and watch you while you swim!!! Too cute for words. ^__^

Jenster said...

I agree. So sweet of him to come watch you swim. Personally, the thought of swimming at 4 a.m. sounds a little romantic. ;o)

BTW - I got a mailer from Kohl's today (do they have those in Canada?) and on the last page there was an ad for a Magic Bullet. Laughing still hurts but I sucked up the pain and showed Todd. We got a good chuckle over it.

Rosie said...

You and Bob the Builder are always on some new wild and crazy adventure. Sheds! My BIL used to build custom sheds for a side line and extra money. He had more work than he knew what to do with. People love custom sheds. You can build them to match your house and outside environment for one thing.

But I wasn't looking at the shed area. I was looking at the pool. Man, I'd love to be able to swim at 4 a.m. Sounds heavenly.

ReneeW said...

I love your pool and wow, what a big yard you have. Those pre-built sheds are expensive. Bob built two at our previous house. In our current house he built one under the deck because our yard is so small. Very clever. And he built the deck too. I love it when he has projects like this because it keeps him out of my hair. I'm pretty sure my Bob would never get up at that hour to watch me swim, he just make me wear a life jacket. Your Bob has soooo much energy, it's amazing.

CindyS said...

kat o+ now all we have to do is learn to smack the french fries out of each others hands. Oh, wait, Bob tried that and it didn't end well ;)

Mailyn - sweet? Yes. Me not swimming as much because of promise? No so much ;) I'm wondering if they have a swimming vest that keeps a person afloat. Nah, I like to dive so I can see about a million ways that will end wrong.

Jenster - ah, things are only romantic when you're awake enough to enjoy 'em ;)

That's it! I must now go hunt for another kind of magic bullet! I'll find it yet!

Rosie - yep, that's us, wacky! And I am very grateful for my swimming pool. It keeps me from overheating and tripping into Uber Bitch Mode - or ya know, C-Rex.

Renee - It took 15 minutes from beginning to end so it wasn't too much of a sacrifice ;) And yes, Bob's energy reserve can prove to be endless as long as he is moving or thinking about an aspect of the project. I've seen him up until 1am just working on something when normally he comes in and is asleep on the couch 10 minutes into our shows ;)

And yes, I'm glad that my sleeping didn't in any way impede his progress on the shed. He's talking about taking a week in August and I want 2 weeks notice to snap my sleeping into shape so we can go shopping and do our day trips. In fact, maybe I should call it Cindy Week. Yeah. I'm liking it!


nath said...

For one second, I thought it was a trampoline LOL :P

Erin said...

I actually work for a company that builds pools. They're great fun, wish I could one of my own but live in an apartment and just use theirs. They're strict here about it though!

Again Bob sounds like such a sweetie