Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hung Over?

I figure a good number of you are off reading Harry Potter, or you are done and have the 'no sleep' hang over.

Today was very, very busy. I don't know how people deal with each other on a regular basis. I'm up during the day right now but I don't really have a routine so I'm out of sorts.

Bob was putting the roof shingles on the shed with my Dad, brother and my cousin's boyfriend. I'm thinking only two guys were needed but I think they like to switch in and out while Bob hangs off the ladder. I must have went in and out of the house a hundred times getting drinks for them.

Some how everyone was invited for dinner or at least there was an understanding.

I had 8 burgers in the house.

I tell ya, Bob has no clue what it takes to get ready for people to come over. Last weekend he asked my Dad if he wanted to stay for dinner and I was all 'what are you planning to cook?' cause we had nothing in the house.

So off I went to the supermarket and Holy Lord there were people hanging off the rafters! How do you all shop in those stores without maiming people? People just stand around blocking each other and moving to the beat of their own drummer. Since I do most of my shopping either during the week or later at night I don't run into this kind bedlam. And yes, I felt like it was bedlam. Any time I'm tempted to drive my cart over a person I know I'm in over my head.

It took me much longer than I had anticipated to buy more burgers, hot dogs, buns and ice cream cones for dessert. And a garden salad which I'm thinking was made from grass clippings and cost me 10 bucks! I normally buy romaine lettuce and then chop a bunch of veggies in but I figured I would buy a pre-made salad. Won't be making that mistake again.

I get back and my cousin is here so her and I get in the pool. Ahhhhhh.

The guys wrapped up around 5:30pm after many beer runs for me (back and forth in the house) and I started the BBQ. The BBQ caught fire at one point (grease from the burgers are now building up on some metal sheet just below the grill) and the smoke in my eyes was brutal. Luckily I was able to get the burgers out of the way but it was with some great hand work as I was dodging flames shooting up a foot high.

The fun part for me was seeing my brother get in a pool for the first time in close to 15 years. I guess it's just not something he does. The pool was at 84 degrees. I know. We keep it maybe a touch too hot but I love it.

We had dinner and then we got in the pool for a bit again although it was after 8pm.

We came in and four of us played Upwords while the others read or talked. I pulled out the pina colada slush. Yum. Bob said he could smell the alcohol. Yeah, whatever. I only had about 1/2 a cup but that was all I needed to mix up words in sentences.

Weird, but lately I can't read small print and the other night I tried to thread a needle and I swear my eyes were crossing. I haven't had that before and I'm starting to feel old!

Everyone is gone now and Bob crawled into bed but I have to wind down first.

Cody had a great time because everyone fed him biscuits and he is now snoring away beside me.

OMG! We had accidentally let Amber out (indoor cat) and I forgot so I'm sitting and talking and all of a sudden I see my orange cat coming around the back of the house. Where she was for that hour I have no clue but am I ever glad she decided to come back. She gave me hell when I picked her up but I thought it was because she had been traumatized.

Nope. Tripped me several times trying to get back outside. She apparently got out again but Bob found her. Next time she's getting locked in a room!


ames said...

you keep mentioning your great pool, so i'm taking the bait. next blogger trip i'm coming over! lol

i hate grocery shopping-no matter what time of the week. and i think our schedules have been switched. i'm up all night and sleep all day.

Rosie said...

I always like company. Some of the best times were the spontaneous ones where there's a quick run to the store and a BBQ. Then to be able to relax in the pool. Sounds like my kind of heaven.

CindyS said...

Ames - it's hard to resist and it turns out we have two romance friendly used bookstores just in Burlington - about 20 minutes from us. An Indigo, 2 chapters and three smaller stores. So yeah. Next time can be at my house! I think you'll want to sleep in the bookroom ;)

Rosie - the problem is if my family catches on that you have to go to the store they all beg off 'no, no, don't worry, we're not staying'. So you have to go in stealth mode - I hide it in an alcohol run (they never try and cry that off ;))


C2 said...

Yup, hung over...and emotionally wrung out. :o) HP7 was fabulous and worth every minute though.

So your kitty has gotten a whiff of freedom, hm?? Uh-oh. My former cat was afraid of the outside...I'm not sure why.

Are you going to post pictures of the shed when it's all finished and cute? ;-)

CindyS said...

C2 - yep, but right now it looks pretty much the same as the last time. You can barely see the roof and it took them all weekend to do just the front.


Kat O+ said...

Guily. I was on a self-imposed Internet ban until I finished HP7 to keep away from even the hint of a spoiler. I even stayed away from people I knew were reading it, in case they were ahead of me and gave the game away. My hubby read the ending and tortured me by chanting, "Oooh, I know the last word in the book!" Hahaha...

ReneeW said...

Been gone for the weekend and missed your posts. Man, that pool party sounded like fun. Yeah, my Bob is very friendly and always inviting people to eat over when there is nothing in the house. I make a lot of quick trips to the grocery store. 84 degrees sounds like heaven. I HATE cold water. You won't catch me swimming in our local lakes ... to damn cold. Oh, and I love pina coladas. You are making me wish I lived closer so I could invite myself over.

CindyS said...

Kat O+ - at least he didn't ruin it for you. I've been hearing about mean spirited people ruining it for others. Good news is I won't spoil it because I don't read them. Maybe one day.

ReneeW - I wish you lived closer too! Course maybe the planet would jump off its' axis with two such similiar Bobs being in close proximity to each other. I really enjoyed my slushy and I only drink it every once in a while but I'm always willing to share!