Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Maybe I should feel some shame for the completely blissful way I spent the day but I've decided to shed guilt.

Really, who needs it!

Let's see. I went to bed late and slept until around 1pm. I remembered to take the current book I'm reading up to bed with me so instead of getting up and starting my day I read for the next two hours. I forgot what it was like to just relax!

I got up around 3, showered and went out to pick up a few things. I knew Bob was coming home earlier than normal because he was exhausted. By 5pm I was back in bed and having a nap with Bob. Sweet!

So it's 3am right now and I'm considering getting ready for bed again. I guess this weekend took more out of me than I thought.

Get this.

Bob and I went out around 10pm to get some groceries (I wanted crusty rolls with summer sausage but apparently the 24 hr store doesn't DO fresh bread and sliced meat after a certain time of day. Sucks!) and we came home to discover a certain puppy had eaten the last few pages of the book I was reading.

Not. Cool.

He had to get that book off the arm of the chair the bugger. I told Bob that I can tell when he gets upset with us because he starts chewing up stuff. Why he reached for the book I have no clue but it's a good thing he's deaf because I've been giving him hell all night. After Bob went to bed, Cody realized I was the only person left to hand out biscuits so he started to turn the sad puppy eyes on me. Stupid puppy dog eyes do it every time.

Since I'm such a slow reader I know I'll get no where near the end of the book tonight or tomorrow so that's been saving the puppy's butt.

I have mentioned I'm reading Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr and I'm really enjoying it. I have to admit that at a certain point I had to make the mental leap that I wasn't reading a romance. I'm not sure if that is true or not but there are at the very least 8 different characters who are given their own POVs and story lines. I was all ready for the H/H (Mike and Brie - I had to check the back of the book to make sure I had the H/H correct) to meet and get to the business of falling in love. Instead I have umpteen story lines and people with their own lives taking up space in the book. I figured out it was part of a series but I thought it would be like most series books where the H/H would have center stage. Uh, no.

I think I will continue to read this one since I seem to be enjoying it and hey, I'm not ready to wrangle with the reading mojo. Kristie just reviewed the trio and it seems she liked this one least of all so maybe I'll enjoy Carr's other books even more. I can say at this point that I find the males in the book a bit odd but I think Kristie said it best when she said they were too perfect.

And what's with the men needing to throw down? I've been around men all my life and I have yet to see any of them get in a fist fight. I'm just saying. Is this something that happens among sober adult men in small towns?

So yeah, the believability is being tugged on for sure but I'm on a roll and I don't plan on stopping!


Rosie said...

I have the the first of the trilogy in my TBR but (yes I'm going to wank about it again) I just haven't had enough reading time this summer.

Mollie said...

I've finished the first two in that series. Really liked them. But I know what you mean about having so many characters. The first one is the most like a traditional H/H romance. I felt the same way as you with the second in the series, Shelter Mountain, it was supposed to be Preacher's story but there was so much of Ricky, Jack and Mike it didn't really seem like HIS story. But I still really like them!

Mailyn said...

So glad you are well rested! You misunderstood Cody. He was clearly trying to tell you the ending was just really bad. :-P

C2 said...

Ahhh, yes...I love days like that! I only wish I had more of them. ;-)

nath said...

LOL about Cody reading the end of my book... I shouldn't laugh though... if it happened to me, I probably be on my way to buy the book again LOL :P As for Whispering Rock :P yeah, lots of characters ^^; I enjoyed it though, not as much as Virgin river though... but still :D you should give Virgin River a try :D

and I'm glad that you had a relaxing day yesterday :D You totally deserved it :D