Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Little Sin by Liz Carlyle

Well, it took a full moon cycle but I finally finished this book. I have to say I am glad that I forced myself to sit down and finish it because I was considering just moving on but I'll get to that.

Cindy Blurb: Okay, this is more of a thumbnail sketch because the story is really quite basic. You have Alasdair MacLachlan who is a manwhore but you know, not the paid kind, just the 'can't keep it in his pants' kind and he is wholly unrepentant. Frankly, I don't find this attractive in a man who is 36 years old but hey, it's the opening scene and I'm hoping for some serious character growth. After all, I don't wish to follow the hero from bed, to hayloft to whatever other droll place he can think to have sex.

The heroine is one Esmee Hamilton who bursts into Alasdair's life toting her two year old half sister who is Alasdair's bastard daughter. *re-reads sentence to see if all relationships are straight* Yep.

Alasdair in some drunken state knocked up Esmee's mom (Esmee's 22) who was a married woman who enjoyed some tupping on the side. Since her mother died and her step-father knew that the two year old girl wasn't his, he threw them out of his house. The only place Esmee can go is to the actual father of the child to get him to step up while she moves on to be a governess.

Alasdair, in shock, asks Esmee to remain as Sorcha's governess and she exacts a huge settlement and wishing to remain with her sister, takes the job.

What happens from there is not rocket science. Right down to the noble sacrifice of the hero sending the heroine away to make a better life with someone else. The whole thing is quite familiar except for the little girl who was not only a pain in the arse to read about but was also an 'ick' factor for me. C'mon, the H/H get together and there are some serious ramifications to the family tree.

For me I would say this book rates as a C- in enjoyment but probably more of a B- in execution. By this I mean the story is well written, and the heroine at least is very likable. The hero isn't bad either and maybe that is what rubbed me wrong. Alasdair was boring and we all know I like my men with a little dark meat. Being a rampant sperm donor doesn't make you dark, just an oversexed manchild.

By the end of the story, and I mean the end, the 'ick' factor is taken away but by then, I just didn't care whether these two would put a crimp in the family tree. The H/H certainly didn't care about the health of their potentially nut bearing family tree so why would I as the reader worry about their future kids? So the ending was just meh.

Just as a note, I read to the 3/4 mark before putting the book down for a good 4 or 5 days. Like I said above, there were no surprises here so I had no incentive to finish the story. I decided tonight that I could at least skim to the end because I know that not finishing books can bring on a slump and I so don't have time for that! I did skim it for the most part (I'm a newbie) and am pretty proud of myself for having finished the book. *pats self on back*

That said, I don't think I will read the rest of this series until I try the 'Devil' series. That one seems to be the series that readers like so Carlyle gets one more chance from me and let me tell you that is a record!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

They Call Them The Blues

To say my moods are easily affected by the seasons would be an understatement. February usually ends up being a real mess but I've decided to get a little more pro-active this year.

Since Bob is working at the reno on the weekends I've been at loose ends. Last weekend I thought I was going into a boredom coma but boredom only leads to more time to kill when I would so love to fall into a coma and wake up when everything is better! I almost called one of my best buds an hour away and told her to get in her car so we could go shopping. I didn't because I don't like to give people such short notice. Luckily, I asked her up for this Sunday and on Saturday night we went to see our friends out in Beamsville. So it was an active weekend which is a good way to keep the blues from settling in.

This weekend coming is my best friend's birthday and she mentioned that her and her husband, sister and BIL were going to a restaurant that I quite enjoyed a few years back. I looked at her and asked if she would mind if I invited Bob and I along. She was floored and excited since going out to dinner is so not something I do. I'm just trying to find reasons for me to not be in our house. I love our house but I know that at this time of year I need to get out and have company. Bob was even more stunned and for a good day I sat and wondered if maybe I was biting off more than I could chew but I thought 'fuck it', we're all good friends and they all know my shit so if I bail they'll know why and it won't ruin my friends birthday in the least.

Let's face it, it's my friends birthday and it's not about me so I can leave my baggage at home!

Okay, that'll be the mantra I'll be repeating to myself for the week.

I just finished a marathon of watching a show I never thought I would be able to handle.


OMG!! Talk about brilliant! I really love the premise and once I figured out when to cover my eyes, I was able to watch without causing damage to my inner child.

So that's how I've been killing time this weekend.

I'm avoiding the book I should be finishing called One Little Sin by Liz Carlyle - I kinda stopped caring and from the looks of some of the comments I should be trying her 'Devil' series to read her better stuff. It's not that the writing and stuff isn't good, I just don't care. Been there, done it and want to bury it already. Maybe I'll do a short re-cap in case others would be interested but the toddler along with an 'ick' have kept me from wanting to pick it up again.

How's everyone else's reading going?

The Following were Inspired by Kristie

I think I may have discovered my greatest embarrassment!

I liked Duran Duran.

What was it about the 80s that they would make videos that scared the hell out of us 12 year olds!? I guess this was the time of Blade Runner and Thunder Dome.

And finally, The Reflex - my best friend was crushing on the keyboard player (scary) while I thought the guitar guy with the blond streak was cute but definitely not someone I would ever date!

Second to Last

Love, love, love this song. Must have broke the tape from listening to this song over and over again!

HOLY CRAP - this video is awful - I've never seen it before! Obviously this chick likes to wear white but what is the rest of the video about. Damn, I hope this hasn't ruined the song for me!

Come Dancing

Another one that made me nostalgic!

Our House

This song always made me envious. I always wished I was from a big family and this song just made all those wishes come forward. Too bad I never saw the video because it would have made me happy!

For Kristie

Okay, I saw Kristie was having way too much fun posting videos and decided I had to join the fun.

I don't remember this video being so lame - I thought they were in trench coats on a mountain during the video. I think I was eleven or twelve when this one came out and I was babysitting until way too late and then only thing on were music videos.

Yeah, I still think this song rocks!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Lazy, Meet Stupid

So it's no surprise I'm lazy and really I've had an excuse not to take my pup Cody for a walk.

Aside: This is how I found Cody when I woke up - I put blankets on the couch to keep his fur off but as you can see, he's living the life of Riley!

We discovered that Cody had a sinus infection and we didn't want to make it worse by walking him in the cold. He's on anti-biotics and it is clearing up so well that we think he can hear again! Yep, we suck as parents. We thought he had just finally become stone cold deaf but apparently he can now hear sounds again. Doesn't really know where they are coming from but he can hear something!

Anyways, I wake up today and I'm feeling fenced in. TV has been repeats for what feels like forever, I haven't gone to a mall in ages (okay I was there on the weekend but I was by myself and that never counts), and well, I'm bored.

Cody seems antsy and his cute brown eyes are begging for some mischief so I decide to do something grand for my pup. I decide we should go for a walk around the block. Hey, I'll even do the whole stoop and scoop thing for him because I'm a rockin' mom.

I get his collar on and he gets all hyper because he knows this means he's going for a walk. I get my coat on and give a small thought to putting on a scarf or hat but just shrug it off.

Out we go.

At the bottom of our driveway I realize that it's pretty damn nippy but this isn't about me it's about getting Cody out so he can release some energy.

At the 1/4 way mark Cody does some biz and I thank God that I can't really see it because of the snow but I do the scooping thing and get back up. My nose is ice and my bare hand feels like it's going to crack from the cold.

Meh. I'm being a wuss. Onwards!

At the exact half way point a memory pushes at my brain about temperatures that will freeze exposed skin. Holy shit!! That was last nights weather report! No wonder I can barely breathe in the air, it's freezing in my nostrils.

I think I had a moment of panic because no matter what, I had to walk the exact same distance going forward or back to get home. I'm embarrassed to say that my brain must have flashed a 'you're not going to make it' sign but I battled that down because I really had no choice.

Cody meanwhile is trotting along but not quite at the brisk pace we started at.

Now, at the bottom of the street where we turn there is a small section of parkland and this is where we cut through at a jog to get back to our street. You can walk to the end of the park section which is very tiny but I'm freezing and my cheeks are now smarting. So we run through the park.

We get to the other side but Cody is limping. OMG!! We ran through snow - did his pads freeze!!? I decide we must keep jogging to get the blood to his paws and I'm trying not to think that I have just given my pup frost bite.

As we come running up the drive Bob is just going in the front door. He saw a person walking a dog but it didn't register to him that it was Cody and I because - lazy.

I get in the door and give the leash to Bob and frantically tell him to take Cody into our newly renovated bathroom because our marble tiled floors are HEATED!!

Yep, I had to get my pup on heated marble floors because I was so freaked out about his pads.

Meanwhile, I was left in the foyer trying to gulp in warm air. It was a bit difficult getting it past the ice blocks that were my lungs!

Bob just looks at me and says 'you decide to go out for a walk on the coldest day of the year!?'

In my defense, the weather report for tonight says tomorrow will be even colder so it wasn't really the coldest day of the year.

All the same, I think Bob hid Cody's leash.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Super Quick Like A Bunny

Remember how I was being a whiny girl about aches and pains and how I had lost my sleep mojo?

Yesterday I decided to strip the bedding and noticed that maybe the mattress was starting to indent where Bob and I lay.


So I flipped the mattress.

I then went to Homesense (great place for bedding for the prices alone) and managed to find two down pillows (Bob insists now that when I buy a pillow, I have to buy him the same kind).

I fluffed and primped the bed out and last night I got in and slept the sleep of the innocent I tell ya! I was hard pressed this *cough* afternoon to drag my sorry behind out of bed.

No aches, pains or nothing. Turns out I did need new down pillows! Flipping the mattress is also a must.

Side trip!

Okay, why does Bob now insist that I get him the same pillow as I buy for myself?

Before Bob met me he never knew about pillows. He had one and well, the man could sleep on concrete if need be.

Me? Not to toot my own horn or nothing but bedding and in particular pillows are my calling.

I don't go anywhere over night without dragging my pillow with me. Bob would make jokes about how there would be pillows where we were going but I would just smile. I think I must have forgotten my pillow a few times because Bob realized fast that I was a mess without it. I couldn't sleep and would wake up weepy and in general have a sucky day.

About three years married we are thousands of miles from home on a business trip and I have my trusty pillow. We stay three nights and check out to head home. Twenty minutes into the trip I start to panic. Where's my pillow!? Bob bless him, had one more business stop and he let me drive back while he was in the meeting to get my pillow from the hotel. Can you believe the maid had stripped the pillowcase off and everything.

I was just happy to get my pillow back.

I think it was shortly after that, that Bob somehow stole my pillow.

You know that I go to bed at a different time so I go in and lay down and realize immediately that the slab I have placed my head upon is not my pillow. I roll over and yank the pillow out from under Bob's head (yeah, he wasn't impressed but I wasn't too happy that he had stole my pillow!). Bob turns and says, Holy cow!! You've been holding out on me, your pillow is perfect! I want a pillow like that!


I had to buy a new pillow shortly after that because down pillows will start to lose their shape and won't support the head and neck like they should. I gave Bob my old pillow and he thought he had died and gone to Heaven. I also gave him my used pillow the year after only to have him demand that any pillow I bought for myself had to also be purchased for him.

Last night he also slept the sleep of the innocent.

The perfection of this little story?

Bob never argues about bedding and prices with me. I have free reign. Course, I am cheap and will only buy stuff on sale or if I can get it at Homesense. Bob however, has urged me to buy that new down duvet even though it isn't on sale because he knows, if I have decided it would be perfect then dagumit we're buying it.

Yeah, there are times when I love being me.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Only A Few More

With Kristie's help I was able to add a few books to the TBB list. Then C2 mentioned another site and there are books there with 2009 as a publishing date!! They also have covers up and it's funny how something will catch your eye. I have learned from this little jaunt that my TBR pile needs to be explored to find some new authors to look forward to.


Elizabeth Hoyt - The Leopard Prince (April 2007)

Loretta Chase - Not Quite A Lady (May 2007)
Meljean Brook et al - Wild Thing (May 2007)

Meljean Brook - Demon Moon (June 2007)
MJD - Undead and Uneasy (June 2007) - I know.

Kresley Cole - Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Nov 2007)

J.R. Ward - Lover Unbound (Fall 2007)

Since my list is pitiful I am going to try and read some authors with HUGE backlists. I picked up Liz Carlyle's One Little Sin in the hopes that this will bring me to another new author. I tried her Beauty Like The Night last year and it didn't work for me at all. I have run into a few problems with the opening of this story but I also seem to be well engaged by the heroe's incapacity for any kind of responsibility. I guess this is called a 'charming rake'. Although I hope he matures greatly!

The good news is that I am now on book number four for the year and January has not ended yet. I'm telling ya, I'm on a roll!

Edited: Good God! The child in the book is not just window dressing and the bloody thing speaks! In cutesy gibberish! How do I do this to myself?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Upcoming Books to Make Me Squee 2007

Yesterday while at the bookstore I ran into that feeling that I have had many times over the past few years.

I was frustrated.

Maybe it's the authors I read but it feels like none of my auto-buy authors get published for about 5 months and it seems to be right about Christmas. I've been hard pressed to point out books people can buy for me because nothing of interest is around. This then carries into the first few months of the new year. There was one year where I had to wait until May for a book that I knew I would love (it was an Anne Stuart).

So in the spirit of lifting uh, my spirits, I thought I would write up an 'anxiously awaited' list.

Anne Stuart's Ice Blue (April 1st)

Kresley Cole If You Desire (April 24)
Kresley Cole If You Deceive (May 22)

J.R. Ward Lover Revealed (Mar 6)

Lisa Kleypas Sugar Dady (Mar)

Nalini Singh Visions of Heat (Mar 6)
Nalini Singh Bound By Marriage (Feb 13) Silhouette Desire

Adele Ashworth The Duke's Indecretion (April 24)

Lisa Valdez Patience (May 1 - if I'm lucky)


Excuse me while I get a paper bag to breath in.

And, we're back.

I need some help guys! Where do you guys go and read about upcoming books? I mean, Stuart is going to have more than one book published this year right? *please say yes, please say yes, please say...* J.R. Ward also publishes about every six months. So where do I go to find out this information? (Amazon is useless unless there is a secret part I don't know about)

I know I ran across a site at one time that seemed to have many romance books listed for the publishing year but I can't find it. I've been googling and searching and I can't find anything.

I go to AAR for the month by month book releases but they are normally only a month in front. I want a list of books that are almost surely going to published in 2007. Someone must have this information.

Another question, why are authors no longer putting up their publishing schedule? I go to Stuart's site and she only mentions the next book to come out. I go to J.R. Ward's and see only Butch's book up and well, even saying something like 'A Brotherhood book November 2007' would keep my eye from twitching! I just need an inkling - I don't need to know who it's about or even the title, I just need to know that something, anything is coming my way!

Whoops, did you just get an eyefull of my crazy slip?

Like you didn't know it was there.

Remember when they (who the hell are they and where are they located) used to say 'so and so has a book coming out in 2010' and we'd all ooooh and ahhhh?

Where the hell did those people run off to!!

Damn, the bag ain't working.

Off to surf and calm the hell down.

Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart

Let's face it, we all know this is a keeper for me being the Anne Stuart fangirl that I am.

That said, I think this is one of her better stories and I loved the heroine. It is rare that Stuart gives us such a strong and likable heroine and I am so voting for Genevieve Spenser as my Favourite Heroine of 2006 at AAR.

Cindy Blurb: Genevieve Spenser is one high powered attorney and she has the bling to prove it. She was once down and dirty in the world of law but she was attacked one night by a battered woman's husband. Having survived the attack she learned how to protect herself, moved to a safer part of the city and thus a new line of work and lost herself in a world not her own.

Genevieve has finally decided to take a vacation but she needs to get one of the firms 'huge' clients to sign some paper work. This puts her on a yacht of a billionaire that she wishes she could thumb her nose at but is forced to be civil to. Civility forces her to stay over night on the boat and thus, her movement into the line of fire.

Peter (The Ice Man) Jensen is an undercover operative for a collection of agencies trying to keep world order. Or peace. Whatever. He is serving as the billionaire's aide in order to discover what kind of maniacal plans he has in store for the world. The night Genevieve steps on the yacht turns out to be the night of reckoning for the billionaire and the lawyer is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now if only the Ice Man can do as ordered and kill the innocent who has stumbled onto the scene.


I love me some Anne Stuart.


I'll say what I noticed as a problem for the story. Peter was almost too much of an Ice Man. In other words, he was able to bait Genevieve and reply coldly to her to the point where I started to wonder if he did find anything about her appealing. He said he did but he was also able to convince himself that murdering an innocent had never been part of his job before. Turns out I found this quite convincing so the idea that he was falling in love with Genevieve (he starts to call her Genny) was hard to find in his own mind!

Another thing was that the villain of the piece was really evil. Really, really evil and had one hell of a plan that was scary in it's scope. Now this is perfect for someone who likes to see villains who are not cartoon characters. The problem came when all his plans were foiled, he decided he needed to kill Genevieve. Somehow this would make him feel better.

Yeah. Not exactly as scary as it could have been.

As to the rest? Loved it!

Stuart finally gave one of her contemporary heroines some skills and it was wonderful. Genevieve wasn't afraid to try and keep escaping and was able to make decisions on the fly about her own survival. Not only that, she was lippy and since I tend to have a mouth I liked that she didn't back down from a fight. She is probably one of my favourite heroines so a huge thank you to Ms. Stuart.

I tried to figure out how someone who wasn't an Anne Stuart fangirl would rate this book and it just wouldn't gel with me. For example, there was a book years ago called The Widow that I still own and it's on the keeper shelf but I think it would be rated at a C if it was lucky. Cold As Ice, however, had everything I liked in a Stuart book so I think it sits firmly in the A range which would still make it a keeper.

So there you have it.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not Myself

I'm still reading Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart.

Obviously there is something bothering me because I would normally gobble up a book by one of my favourite authors. I have her rhythm pretty much down pat so I can put the book down when I know I'm about to get sucked in. I just didn't want to mess with my sleep - I'm up about 11am and in bed by 2am - so fifteen hours but some days I'm lucky to get to twelve.

I can't nap.

I'm not sure what's up with that. I went to lie down today because I was exhausted and I did get into the zone where you're just about to fall asleep. I love that feeling. Problem is if you are in that state for the 2 hours you are lying down, you get nauseous. Also a bit of a headache. It's definitely a pleasure/pain place to be and it usually only lasts about 5 minutes *if* I'm even aware of it most of the time. I think Bob coming home from the reno as I was about to fall asleep might have broken the flow but normally that would wake me right up.

So I am definitely missing my naps.

Then today I went to the bookstore and realized that I don't have too many books that I am looking forward to. I'm not even sure I have a 2007 book in my possession (wait, I think Meljean's is 2007 but I'm too lazy to grab my second copy to check) and I have looked over the list of Jan/Feb releases and don't remember anything triggering my 'must have' impulse.

To combat this I am going to write up a list of books (hopefully for the year) that I really want to read, right now!!

That will be my next post so cross your fingers that I have more than 10 books I want to read in the coming year.


I thought I had done well trying new authors last year. I shouldn't be feeling like this for the third year in a row! Maybe it's the winter blahs but then, it's not really been winter up here until now.

Oh, the other thing that is really chapping my ass is that all my favourite shows are still on hiatus! How can I get a real good head of steam for a week of fab TV when half my shows aren't even on. Ugh. I guess the TV execs got us good. Don't want to watch re-runs? Then we'll put the show on hiatus for as long as possible.


Well, that was kind of uncalled for but it's how I'm feeling. We should all threaten to cancel our cable contracts for the months they show only repeats and well, the three months of Christmas holidays the shows seem to enjoy. Hey, I could use the money for a vacation in the heart of sweeps!

You're right.

I need a new hobby.

Friday, January 19, 2007

WOOT!! As Meljean Would Say.

The first part of this post is for Meljean and those of us with funny quirks when it comes to books.

Today I received my copy of Meljean Brook's Demon Angel in the mail after winning a copy in Brook's online contest. Seeing the package I immediately tear into it and flip the pages - hey, there's an inscription!

Oh. My. God!!

It's to me and it mentions my bookcases and it's signed by Meljean!

So I'm stoked and even though I have Anne Stuart's book to read I flip to the first page and then stop.

Uh-oh. Just discovered a new quirk.

I mean, the book is special because Meljean wrote to me in the book and well, I'm brutal with books!

Crack the spine?

You bet!

Carry a book around every where I go and get schmutz on it?


I can't do that to this book!!!

And breathe.

So I run out the door and head to the bookstore to buy a readable copy of Demon's Angel.

Shut up.

I pick the book up and then have that moment where I wonder if Meljean would be mad that I won a free copy and then went and bought a copy of the book also. Huh. So I put the book back and buy something for my mom cause it's her birthday.

See? I'm not completely selfish.


Here's the acid test. I decide to run my problem by Bob because that man can give me the honest when I would rather have my head in the sand.

Bob gets home and I show him the book but he's distracted and is all, uh huh, yep, okay - until I read the inscription.

'Did she just mention the bookcases I built!?'


'You can't read that book! You need to buy another copy to read!'

'I know!'


Isn't it great to have a significant other who understands your crazy ways.

So I'm going back to the bookstore and buying a copy I can crack the spine on and carry around with me in the car (which is normally where books go to get slaughtered by fierce braking and flying debris - gah, not to mention the odd drive-thru pop that's overfilled and oozing out the top and they didn't put a frickin' napkin in the bag and you make that sharp turn only to notice out the corner of your eye that the fluid is now flying across the seat where your purse, book and brand new cell phone are....uh, I'm done).

So there you have it.

All an author has to do is write my name in a book and mention my bookcases and the book will be put in a special shrine.

Or as we like to call it - The Corner Shelf!

This one's for you Meljean!

Edited to Add: You should be able to click on the pictures to get them to blow up to the size of your screen.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I called the vet for Cody today and she gave me some broad spectrum antibiotics for him. The conversation was enlightening and not what I was expecting to hear. I keep thinking I'll see seizures but apparently now, any infection can take him out.

Not happy.

Still, tonight he became all happy puppy and his tail has been wagging none stop. I think yesterday was just the peak of him not feeling good. Hopefully these antibiotics will get him all fixed up again.

Bob and I seem to have switched spots with Cody. Normally I'm the strong one and Bob is the one who worries and gets upset. This time we're reversed and even though I know Bob doesn't want Cody to leave, he is adamant that he not suffer for one minute more than he has to. I feel that way also but I'm still in denial. I keep think it's just a clump of stuff blocking his nostril. The thought of him not being with me this summer makes me weepy.

So, yeah, I'm living in denial.

Today I woke up feeling like my old self but a couple hours later my stomach was wreaking havoc. Stupid tummy.

Maybe I should stop calling it names?


Also, I cracked open my 'in case of emergency' book, Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart. I think the week has taken it's toll and I needed comfort and what better way for me to relax than to pull out a brand new book that I have never read by my favourite author.

Not even a massage makes me as happy as a new Anne Stuart book.

I have a feeling I'll be doing some re-reading of my old Stuart favourites if things don't start looking up.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


At least, I think it's still Tuesday.

Sleeping has become less than stellar and I seem to be running from it. I lie down and my back hurts and my neck hurts and I can't get comfortable. Meh. I think it's a hangover of whatever the hell invaded my body these last 4 days.

We think Cody has a cold and his nose (because his nasal passage is blocked by a tumor) is running great gobs of snot.

Oh, I'm sorry, you weren't eating were you? Yeah, try sitting here with a box of kleenex. Maybe another reason I can't sleep.

His vet isn't in till tomorrow so I'm hoping she can prescribe something for the poor guy. Bob said on the phone something about how we had to make sure he wasn't suffering and I started to cry. I'm so not ready for Cody to leave - I think it's just a cold but I've been thinking about how maybe he won't be here with me in the summer and I'm not liking it.

I'm re-reading Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward but only Zsadist and Bella's parts. Being the slow reader I am it's still taken me hours to get to the half way point. All the same, I'm remembering why I loved Z so much. So much pain and yet extremely masculine and well, wise. I'm hoping this doesn't get me into the great book blues but I figured I had waited plenty of time before re-reading this one. I was worried when I first finished the book because I have never (and I mean never) wanted to flip back to the first page and start again with a book. Knowing my addictive personality I wouldn't let myself do it and the book has been on my nightstand since then.

Okay, I did pick it up either two or three times to re-read the Butch and V section that had me thinking V is in love with Butch. *shrug* I guess I'll just have to wait until March to see what the hell is going on.

I'm also trying to fill in my AAR ballot and was sucking wind there until LLB posted the interim results. Phew. Seeing that list made me realize I had books that were allowable in more than one category cause until that moment I wouldn't have cast my ballot for being so poor. Now, I can see the categories more clearly.

Example? Cabin/Road romance - I got it in my head that this was a historical category but when I saw No Rest For The Wicked by Kresley Cole in the interim results I realized that it could be in any category. Duh! Since NRFRW is a Keeper I know what to put in that blank!

That's it really.

I'm going to go get my book and sit with Cody and then I will see if I can wrap my brain around trying to go to bed. So far, my brain is messing with me.

OH!! 24!! *sigh* I love Jack Bauer. Love him!

I heard that there was some sort of upset because they had a nuclear bomb go off in LA in the TV show.

Uh, hi - they had a nuke go off in the second season and there is a show on the air called Jericho where many, many, many nukes have gone off and no one knows who did it.

I'm just saying.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

It's now Monday morning 1am and my stomach has decided to give me a break. I was able to visit with my friend but I tell ya, the minute she left my stomach went nuclear. Major pain for the rest of the night and even when I got up today I didn't want to eat much. I ended up eating soup and I have a saying in that regards.

If I'm eating soup, I'm sick.

It must have been what the tummy needed though because it calmed down just after that. It was minestrone which happened to have a few chunks of potatoes so maybe it was the comfort food. Yeah, would hate to think I would dump my horrible fast food ways because of one bowl of soup.

I'm sure I'll be back to my old self soon enough.

What's that you say?

How about a notoriously poorly written book review?

Thought you would never ask!

The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt is as many people say, an excellent debut novel. Even still, there were things that kept it from being perfect. I'm going with a B-.

Cindy Blurb: We have the Earl of Swartingham (Edward) coming back to his ancestral home in some small town. He is one of those semi-absent minded individuals who loves to get in the muck and help his tenants while also being a strong personality that has sent many a secretary fleeing his anger.

Anna Wren, a widow of 6 years needs a job to help keep her, her mother-in-law and her haphazard maid in the small cottage her husband left them and manages to talk her way into a job as the new secretary of the Earl.

As I wrote my horrible blurb I realized that there really is so much more to the story and not being one to spoil people's expectations of a book I don't want to reveal too much. Even so, the backblurb on the book gives more away than I have but let's move on.

What I liked:

I loved Edward and Anna and even though I'm sure I would fall asleep from sheer boredom in Edward's presence I know he was a good fit for Anna. (He loves everything to do with agriculture) Anna was also a great character and not one to shy (too much) from strong emotions. I liked that she didn't feel sorry for herself or take the easy way out. She also had a normal reaction to Edward in the beginning of the story - Edward is a survivor of small pox and has the scars to prove it. Anna refers to Edward a few times as an 'ugly' man before she ever really gets to meet him (They first meet and barely a word is spoken between them when he almost runs her down with his horse) which I think is realistic in first impressions.

I also liked that there didn't really seem to be any care for propriety. I mean, there are some things that even made my eyebrows go up and I'm far from a stickler for historical accuracy but one of the final scenes had me wondering if I had missed the part where Anna put on a disguise.

Apparently not.

Let's just say, she would have been ruined. No ifs, ands or buts. (is that the right wording?)

My problems?

Actually, I think the story was a tad slow in the beginning and since I hadn't read the backblurb I was shocked to discover the 'way the plot turned'. I remember thinking at one point 'oh please God no.' but apparently, it was a resounding YES.

And then it happened again!

Okay, not only did it happen but I actually liked how the author had it happen. Let's just say the Earl had no clue and I liked how Anna realized the difference between sex and making love. Very true to form. Also liked that the author didn't have the hero 'know who it was all along'.

In writing this *cough* review I have discovered that I appreciated the way the story unfolded. Sure, a few plot points took their grand old time showing up but, hey, maybe that is the sign of a great story teller.

Oh yeah. Then there was 'the widow who can't have children' thingie. (shut up, I'm calling it a thingie)

Don't get me started on infertility.

And I've started. (what a shock)

There was a point where I would have walked away from Edward without looking back because I'm not sure I could forgive such a painful swipe. I mean, it was honest and stuff but I'm not sure it needed to be said outright. (yeah, I may have been too criptic without meaning to. It was in the barn after he kissed her - he gives her this long speech about why they can't be together and it's because he wants kids. Ouch. I mean, that would be painful *today* but I guess back then it would be only natural that children were at the forefront of people's minds.) I found that Anna seemed to forgive too easily and I'm not sure I would have been convinced to marry this guy. I may have needed more from Edward on this point but then the ending made it all moot anyways.

The ending?

Made my teeth hurt but, of course, I saw it coming. I always see that coming. But that's a personal peeve and not one another reader might have.

All right. Are we all here? *starts head count* I think we may have lost a few.

Is this book worth your time?

Yeah, sure, why not. I enjoyed it and even though there were things that pulled at me they were my own things and not so much the problem of the story.

Unless you are a stickler for historical accuracy.

Then don't you dare pick up this book.

Okay, you can pick up the book but, don't you dare blame me!

Her next book is The Leopard Prince but I may watch for other's opinions before I pick it up.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not So Hot

Today has been rough with the tummy. I'm not sure what my body is trying to tell me but this past week has been brutal.

I had a Dr. appt earlier in the week that the doc cancelled so I needed to re-book and the only time they had was Friday 11 am. I don't know why my mind loves to play with me but my stomach started up around 8am Friday and by 10am I was freaking out. Normally I would be fine with my meds because, uh, yeah, I stock pile but I had only one pill left of the one that is supposed to stop a panic attack in it's tracks. Seeing as how my best bud is coming down and we usually eat in the food court, I knew I would need at the very least that one pill in case of an emergency. Anyways, I just wanted the appt over with and have my prescription renewed!

Luckily Bob talked me down when I called him at work.

Then I get home and the stomach still won't settle and as I mentioned, my best bud is coming for a visit on Saturday so I start stressing about that. Since we haven't seen each other since before Christmas I know it's important to get together and I had to cancel last weekend so I wasn't looking forward to doing it again!

I stayed in bed most of the afternoon and finally got up because my back was killing me. Basically, my stomach is just starting to calm down - it's 1am now. We (Bob and I) think it was those Christmas treats I wrote about in December. I made them the other night and it occurred to me that maybe my stomach was reacting to the sweetened condensed milk.

Milk = Miserable Tummy and no, it's not the lactose. Have no friggin' clue but even lactose free milk runs amok in the tummy. Poor tummy.

I'm hoping by tomorrow afternoon I will be good as gold again and ready for my visit. Luckily Bob will be joining us in our shopping spree because I'm not sure I can do it without him.

It's weird how I can be perfectly fine for months and then have a bad spell that defies logic.

To get my mind off whatever it's stressing over I have started The Raven Prince by Hoyt and I'm enjoying it.

By this time tomorrow everything will have happened for better or worse.


Let's hope for the better!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Tagged by Bookwormom! Let's just have some fun with it shall we?

Ooops, before I do just wanted to say thanks for the feedback from yesterday's post - it made me realize I need to tighten up my thoughts on books and grade Keepers differently. I know I posted about Keepers before and I'm looking for that post - I'll post it as soon as I can and maybe add some to it.

Also, AAR's Annual Reader Poll is now up and running. Some of us started keeping track of our reads because of this poll (those of us who are non-starters) but if you've never heard of it before head on over and take a look. It's a fun way to start the new year and I always love seeing the results. (No, I'm not doing this poll - phew!)

Oh! I want you to go to Bev's and read this post. I would love to know what others have to say on this also. I thought it was a great question.

Okay, A-Z Meme.

A - Available/Single? - Depends. Who's asking?
B - Best Friend? - Uh, thanks, already have one. Aside: Desperate much?
C - Cake or Pie? - Cake and it better be chocolate!!
D - Drink Of Choice? - Coca-cola with lots of ice out of the can. Yes, it's completely different from a bottle.
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? - Toilet. And the paper that comes with it. No really, you're welcome.
F - Favourite Colour? - puce - turns out it's not what you think it is.
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? - *gag* chewing something that feels like it's been pre-chewed is for baby birds.
H - Hometown? - Ancaster! Not Hamilton like it says on the Neocounter thing it's friggin' Ancaster! *ahem* Not that I'm rabid about it or nothing.
I - Indulgence? - yeah, pretty much my life.
J - January Or February? - June, June, June. Did it work? Dammit, it's still January!?
K - Kids & Their Names? - Don't have any because the Good Lord knew I was serious when I said I would name them Thunter, Thor and Hey!
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? - breathing?
M - Marriage date? - Are you hitting on me? Send me your account balance and we'll talk.
N - Number Of Siblings? - 1 and he's a nutbar like me.
O - Oranges Or Apples? - Huh, they say you can't compare these.
P - Phobias/Fears? - Nobody has this kind of time. Hell, I don't have this kind time!
Q - Favourite Quote? - "you better recognize" - from Chris Rock's stand up - love the way he says it.
R - Reason to Smile? - Honey, I ain't telling but it's good. Real good.
S - Season? - Spring and Summer - sun, sun, sun, sun, sun.
T - Tag people? - not since I was a kid but okay. You're all it!! Gotcha!
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I'm an open book. I should be embarrassed but no.
V - Vegetable you don’t like? - Just one? Turnip, squash of any kind, broccoli, cauliflower..
W - Worst Habit? - McDonalds - yep, I can't crack it but I'll get there - not today of course but soon.
X - X-rays You’ve Had? - Plenty, you?
Y - Your Favourite Food? - Uh, Turkey dinner but it's a seasonal thing - ask me in summer and it's something totally different. I think.
Z – Zodiac Sign? - Virgo - the sad part is I'm all the horrible parts of a virgo without the good parts. Poor Bob.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grading and Perfection and Notsomuch

Tara Marie has fallen into the 'year in review' trap and in doing so brought up many questions that I thought I would drag on over here. (Not only that, but she has some wicked books listed as her great reads!)

So here's the question:

Do you go back and look at your grades and wonder if maybe you weren't nearly as tough on the book as you should have been?

This isn't re-reads I'm talking about or those books that we all have on the keeper shelf from 1989 that we just know aren't going to be quite the book we remembered from way back when.

I'm talking about a few months to a year later when some of us do our year in review.

Tara Marie definitely has some books she thinks weren't as wonderful once the afterglow faded (one of them is an Anne Stuart but I'm okay *reaches for puffer*) and I dare say that many of us probably have the same reaction after a few months.

Jennie also was talking about her favourite books from this past year and mentioned how only one of her books received a perfect 10.

Yes, only one 10. I think of a 10 as perfection. I'll probably only ever give 10s to re-reads of old beloved favorites. Because getting better with each subsequent reading is the ultimate test for books. The 10 for 2006 was The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. Probably my favorite book of all time. And my first blog post, which completely does not do it justice. But my writing, no matter how gushing, could never do it justice.

In that moment I started to wonder what book I would have rated a 10 and immediately thought of Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase. It was only after thinking on it for a moment that I remembered it took me a couple of sittings to get into it so it couldn't be as perfect as I thought. Still, it is a keeper.

Then I thought of my favourite read from this year which has to be Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward but, wait. The lessers bore me, the multiple characters tend to stress me out while I'm waiting for the romance to continue and even though the book is extremely romantic, it was truly the story of Zsadist and how he came back to life.


Okay, wait.

Got it!

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh. Yeah. Perfec - crap. I was a wee bit squicked out about human kids changing into animals whenever they wanted. (I could explain it but we all know that would be another post - let's just say it probably has something to do with me not wanting to read YA books as a rule either). Then there was that one inconsistency that I figured out a few days later but thought that maybe it would be addressed in the following books. And really, there were a few parts that were slow so it wasn't all perfection. Still a keeper though.


Let's think.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. 'Pick an Anne Stuart book, afterall, you are a fangirl!'

I am a fangirl but then I'm also not blind to faults. As much as I loved Devil's Waltz there were things that irked but it's Anne Stuart and I know that I'm going where I want -

Holy shit it just came to me!!

Anne Stuart's Lord of Danger!

*and breathe*

I can't even tell you how excited I am right now! Why couldn't I remember that this book is sheer perfection for me!?

Good God I feel so much better. I was getting worried that I had never read a book that I would rate a perfect 10.

I have a book!!

Phew, it's a good thing you guys came and helped me out.

See, I was even thinking about my favourite Linda Howard book Dream Man but I'm not sure I would give it a 10 and then there is Suzanne Brockmann and maybe one of her non-SEAL books - oh, oh!!! Time Enough for Love - 10!! AND it's a TT which rarely work for me because of the logistics but she even managed to convince me that her ending was plausible!!

Woohoo! This is getting good!

Okay, okay.

My point, my point, my point *mumbles while staring at the ceiling*

Ah, if you rate a book a keeper, does it mean it's perfect?

Yeah, that might be my point.

You get to see when I'm all 'damn skippy' about a book and cry 'KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER'.

Well, it doesn't mean the book is perfect. It just means it was in the A grade category. Like in Z's book there were things that bothered me but it's still a keeper and it will live on my Keeper pile until 20 years from now when I wonder what I was thinking OR when it truly becomes something I can't part with ever.

Then there are the books that I thought were a keeper and a year later I'm wondering why it got such a high grade from me. Brockmann's many SEAL books are examples of that. Her last one that caused me to give up on her was listed as a KEEPER at the time (before blog) but as I thought more about it I was just overly disappointed with the whole book. Then there are the books that I have read and given keeper status and I don't have a clue what they were about!

No! I'm not old!

I just don't have the greatest memory. Heck, I couldn't remember what Devil's Waltz was about until I re-read the first page - sure, then it all comes rushing back and I can't re-read the book because I remember everything!

Okay, where in the hell did my point go!? How did we get here?

*took a left, sharp 180 and*

Enough about me. What about you and your grading system? Do you sometimes look back and wish you hadn't been so forgiving or even so harsh? If you are blogging do you feel like you can go back and re-grade? Is the grade only important to you and not a marker that another person should use to read a book? (ooooh, I just figured out something else about myself - I only use grades as a reference point and look at the review to see how the book did except if it's a book I'm waiting desperately for - then I just glance at the grade and run).

Okay, let's stop before I find another bend in my curve.

That's a Wrap!!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Me, Being Me

Why is it in today's teen movies, someone has to die in order for the kids to figure their lives out?

I just finished watching Step Up which really should have been called Step Out because that's what I would have done in the theatre. I love dance so I normally rent these kinds of movies. Thing is, there was nothing in this movie that I hadn't seen before and the dancing was just, meh.

But, that's not the point. This is the second teen movie in two weeks that I've seen with the death of another kid from gun violence or gang related crime. When did the death of another person become a cliche in todays movies?

In Dirty Dancing they just put Baby in a corner.

Now, Baby would have had her sister shot and killed by a rival gang, her daddy would be an alcoholic wannabe and her mom well, she would have committed suicide just shortly after her birth. Yeah. That should do it.

All this and she suddenly discovers she can have more out of life.


Teen movies in my day (OMG! I'm officially old!) where kids died were like The Outsiders where the ending was not a smiley face tacked on for the kids seeing the film. These kids were fucked up and they were screwed and they died. We didn't leave the movie thinking, 'man, I should go to dance class more often!'. There was a story and a reason for what happened.

Today, I have come to expect that secondary character to do something stupid or be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up dead. No weeping necessary. Oh, there's some crying and maybe a coffin scene but, c'mon, let's stop using this as a plot point.

Someone might say, 'hey, that's the way I turned my life around'.

Fair enough.

I'm sure that person wouldn't downplay their loved one's death or how it changed their life. I would expect that the person would honour their memory.

This isn't the case with these teen movies today. It is quite clearly a plot point to make the main character realize they can have more out of life.

Enough already.

Maybe I've become jaded.

Maybe I should have just turned the movie off.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

I just finished my first book of 2007! If I keep this up I may just beat 2006 awesome score of 21 books read in a year!


No words are needed.

I started with an Anthology to ease myself into the whole, 'I'm not moving for the next 8 hours because I'm reading a book' phase. It worked to keep my attention and also helped in that I still have things I am trying to get done so not a lot of commitment.

Ames actually does up a review of each of the stories in this anthology and since I'm way too lazy for that you might be better served over there.

Here's what I can tell you (I just re-read Ames' reviews and we agree on many points).

Spellbound by L.A. Banks - I didn't get very far at all and it felt very childish. Also, the H/H are finishing university and are from the South but each ended up sounding like a backwoods person. You want to see Southern done right watch the TV show The Closer. Southern charm with extreme intelligence.

I skipped the Jim Butcher story. I have read his first in the Harry series and I enjoyed it enough but, I didn't see it becoming a romance and I guess I prefer first person narratives from a female perspective. Huh. I just figured that out.

I enjoyed Rachel Caine's Dead Man's Chest although I couldn't get Pirates of the Caribbean out of my head. Whatever. Turns out I really do miss those old pirate romances and wouldn't mind reading more as long as they aren't all described as 'Captain Jack'. I will read more by this author if she has written a romance with some sex at the very least.

None of these stories are what I would call 'warm' in the sex department (in fact, most are subtle) other than the Kenyon story and well, I didn't care (about the Kenyon story).

I can't find anything on the spine that categorizes this anthology so maybe it was a leap by me to think it was a romance anthology.

Probably the whole 'Wedding' in the title.

Judging a book by it's cover and title. Very Bad Cindy!

I'm actually surprised at what I did like in this anthology - I read the story by Esther M. Friesner and it was nice - I guess I liked the person narrating even though it took me a while to figure out that it was a man. Can't see reading this author again as I don't think they write romance or sex for that matter.

I liked Charlaine Harris' story also but I do have a thing for fur and fangs. I tried her first book in the Sookie series and it didn't click. I'm thinking of giving it another whirl.

To sum up:

I have finished my first book of the year.

It wasn't a romance book by my definition and I think the one short story should count as my 'literary fiction' for the year.

Yeah. No more literary fiction for the year. Oh wait, I have that philosophy book I want to read. Okay, maybe one more.

I was going to read Hell's Belles next but I heard it's more Chick-lit and I'm looking for straight romance with some good old fashion sexual tension.

I'll let you know when I figure it out.

I also have to tweak the blog - I need to add more of the blogs I visit to the sidebar and I want to keep a running total of the books I read under that one spot I'm not using right now. Since there is room for some info I'm trying to figure out what else might be pertinent.

Any suggestions?

Edited: More specifically - any suggestions for under the Just Stuff section - I think I'm stealing this idea from someone else but I can't find who had this layout on their blog.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

For Kristie - Reading Year in Review 2006

Okay, I have seen some people wrapping up their reads from last year and even thought I'm not nearly as well organized as others I thought I would list a few things. You know, all scientific like.


Keepers - 10
B - 7
C - 3
D - 1

I did not keep track of my DNF or my re-reads but I will after this year - uh, maybe - I'll have to see how dedicated I can be to an excel program designed by Rosario. Check it out if you want to see how to keep track of your reads etc.

21 books.

Yeah, not proud but I'm feeling immensely better about the fact that I named this blog Nocturnal Wanderings and not something like Romance Reviews R US.

I know why my reading was down this year and I think I mentioned it all in the last post but just in case, we bought 2 houses this year, a reno house and a fixer upper for Bob and I to move into that we love. Then the hubby couldn't wait to get started at our house which meant finding the right materials and paints and such to create the perfect two rooms (bath and bookroom) before Christmas. Then there was the hosting of Christmas which I ended up *loving* because I just didn't have time to work myself up into a panic attack. It was great actually.


Keepers - 4
B - 2
C - 2
D - 0

Contemporary Paranormal (Vampires, Werewolves, etc)
Keepers - 6
B - 2
C - 1
D - 0

Keepers - 0
B - 1
C - 0
D - 1

Chick lit / Mystery
Keepers - 0
B - 2
C - 0
D - 0

I mentioned this was boring right? Maybe if I had read more books this would be interesting but meh.

All I can really say is that I don't read that far out of my comfort zone. No real non-fiction books, I mean, I read lots of design books and stuff but you don't have to read that from page to page. I don't read 'literary' stuff because it makes me nauseaus. I don't read anything that doesn't have some sort of a romance because if there is none I get bored.

Hmmm, I'm seeing a theme. Boredom is to be avoided at all costs!!

So, on that note, here are the close up pics of my books for Kristie - I think you should be able to click on the pics and have them blow up. Also, this is only the front row of books - there are books behind them. I haven't sorted the books yet because I normally have the books that I haven't read facing out but since Bob put all the books away I haven't made the time. All the same, I don't know if you'll be able to read the spines!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

So Not What I Thought!

I decided to try and do a wrap up of last years reads with some of that scientific magic that others can do and well, my stuff was boring as hell.

What I can tell you is that I'm a paranormal slut.

The glut of paranormals in the marketplace?

You're welcome.

Although I'm not taking the blame for Sherrilyn Kenyon because I've never read one of her books.

MJD, yep, that was me but I've cut her off. J.R. Ward - yep I'm in the sane 'fan-girl' group and yes, we are a minority. Kresley Cole!! Yep, I'm to blame and I'm not sorry! I waited years for paranormals to catch on!! You don't know the pain!

Okay, that was a bit much but really, I yearned for great paranormals and although there is plenty of drek out there, I'm loving the good stuff.

I also tried many new to me authors and found brand new auto-buys. Too bad most of them didn't have back lists. Ugh.

Also, now that my books are out of the 'closet of horror' (anyone else hear a deep manly voice when reading that? Yeah, scary ain't it) I know I will be much more in tune with what I want to read outside of the paranormal genre. Not only that, I have many authors in the TBR pile with large backlists that I haven't tried yet so I may just be primed for a great year!

Reading update - I have been reading the short stories from the anthology My Big Fat Paranormal Wedding and discovered that I do like Rachel Caine's writing so I have to put Ill Wind at the front of the pile. Discovered that Kenyon probably isn't for me as I skimmed her short story and I think I know pretty much all I need to know about the Dark-Hunters. Ugh. Lori Handeland's story was my favourite but I wonder if I was supposed to have met the H/H before although I do doubt it. Still, makes me want to read the ones in the TBR pile. I read part of the L.A. Banks story and just didn't care - oops. So now I'm wondering about Jim Butcher's and Charlaine Harris' stories - do I have to have read the series to understand or are these stories apart from their series?

Okay, off for a sleep!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Bought Books!!!

Oh yeah.

I was in the zone and for the first time in ages I really feel like I'm going to get some reading done!

Since last February or March I haven't been doing well in the reading department at all. I've already talked about how I'm not so good at change and my reading habits were the first to get lost in the mire. With the move, the crazy summer where we had to have everyone up to see where we lived to realizing that the summer was over and no Christmas shopping had been done. The bathroom being torn apart for longer than necessary and then hosting our first Christmas, well, things were definitely not normal. Far from it. And I'm usually so far from normal anyways but wow, last year was definitely not my year for reading.

Thank God for blogging and blog hopping and AAR Mini-polls! These definitely helped to keep me sane except for the yearnings I would get when I saw a book that A) I really wanted to read B) has been in my TBR pile and that I have been meaning to read C) has been in my TBR pile and I've been itching to read.

Well, that's over!

2007 is going to be my reading year!

Okay, some painting would help spruce up this place but I've put a moratorium on spending wads of cash. (Books only use bundles of cash - renovating uses wads) Bob's been making hay since we moved and yeah, he thought of me and put in a brand new gas heater for the pool (woohoo!!) which we'll fire up next week.


It's still winter but you wouldn't know it so maybe the pool will open early but right now, it's January and there's no other place I would rather be than sitting in one of the many cozy chairs in our house and reading until my eyes bleed.

Wouldn't that be bliss! *sigh*

On that note here were my purchases tonight.

Thanks to the many bloggers who posted their 'can't wait to get their mitts' on lists. I wouldn't have known about this one if it wasn't for you.


You betcha and I'm in. Oh, maybe it's about slaying vampires. Huh. You know how I don't read backblurbs?

Works for me. Keeps me on my toes.


Yep, you all just wore me the hell down.

Is this a romance like I like?

Probably not. But there are just too many good reviews out there for me to go 'meh' without giving it a shot.

I don't know whether to thank you or put hits out on you. I'll wait and see whether it works for me.

Rosario reviewed this book and talked about how it was an excellent book on, uh, kinda like the different philosophies over the centuries.

I think.

Anyways, this one is way out of my comfort zone but there must have been something intriguing about Rosario's review to get me to put it on my TBB list.

Even when I went and picked it up tonight wondering what it was about this book it had me with the two questions the main character is asked.

Not a romance. At all. This one may linger on the TBB pile for a bit but I know it intrigues me. Here is Rosario's review.

This was a blind pick. It was facing out and I saw Warner Forever on it and decided what the hell. They've been working for me lately and I figured I'd give them another shot.

Also, I only wish I was the chick on the cover!

I would so cut my own toes off if given a sword but day-am, I do so love the idea of being skilled with a sword. And well, skinny and long blond hair would be cool to.

Don't know if I've mentioned, but I'm pretty sure I would kick ass with a crossbow and luckily I would only lose one toe at a time. At least it would give me a learning curve.

I have read the first book by Bacus and liked it. I saw Bacus on the spine and wondered if it was a new series. Saw it wasn't a new series but decided to buy the book anyways.

It just skims my 'don't buy more than two books by an unread author' rule because I have read her. Thing is, I've only read the first book.

Okay, let's just put a Bad Cindy here but I'm not really feeling it.

Ho-HA! Yeah! Threw you with this one didn't I?


C'mon, I've never heard of this author or even seen the friggin' cover until tonight while at the bookstore!

Okay, 'Hell's' might suggest something paranormal and that wouldn't be a surprise. Alright, there is a cover quote by MJD saying she was hooked from the first sentence. (Actually took me the paragraph)

What you waiting for a third? That's all I got. Don't have a clue because I didn't read the backblurb. In my defense my best friend tagged along to the bookstore and she was hovering. Hate that.

So there we go. A great night at the bookstore and in reality it was probably a good thing the best friend hovered because I might have done more damage than I did. I was a bit shocked when it was totalled but I also purchased four magazines (2 on Canadian market/Top 100 companies, Weight Watchers (I know, I'm still wondering what that was about) and House and Home Bedroom edition - need some inspiration for my own bedroom!)

Okay, that's it for me, I have to somehow work all these pictures out because now there are a million and one spaces in the post (fuckin' blogger - it could be IE because I'm in it tonight when I should have used Firefox - meh) and then maybe watch one of the movies I rented.

Quick aside - anyone seen The Lady in the Water my Night? I rented it and then Bob suggested I not watch it because I would be afraid to go swimming at night. Since I love to swim I don't need a new phobia so is the movie about freaky water things or something else entirely.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I won, I won, I won!!!

I mean, I almost never win anything but I won!!

Okay, wait.

I did win a copy of her first anthology but I forgot that I had entered the contest and bought it. Shut up.

This time *waves hands in front of tearing eyes* I didn't screw up!!!

So Uber-Thanks to Meljean for being so generous and if you haven't seen it (you probably have because I'm normally the last to see the fun stuff) go over to the Ja(y)nes and see the Review Video they made. I swear it's their best yet and I couldn't stop laughing!

Then there is this review by the Ja(y)nes here.

A review from AAR here (it got a HOT rating - woohoo!!)

This is Meljean's first single title and her first published work from the Hot Spell anthology came out last year. Here are my convoluted thoughts on the short story.


I have been asked to post pictures of the headboard Bob built for my book room. He would also like me to post pictures of his mitre joints. Since I love him to itty bitty bits I figure I would indulge him. Hey, and I LOVE my new room!

This is before the headboard - Oh look there's the Little Miss in between the cushions - I just noticed her (it's Amber). She couldn't have been bothered about this room until Bob got everything set up just right and I washed all the bed linens on the 24th before my family arrived. Yep, she curled up right in between the pillows and I was thankful my Aunt is not allergic to cat fur. Oy.

Here's the midway point of the headboard - Bob built it in a day and we found these lights with glass globes but I wanted them to be candlestick with the soft shades so Bob stripped them and re-wired them. Yeah he did!

There is a whole story about going into a lighting store and having the sales person be soooo rude that I was tearing up when we left. See, it was two days after Christmas and I guess I just wasn't expecting to meet someone who was so hateful and mean. C-Rex was definitely asleep at the switch but when we decided that the lights we wanted were at that store, we drove 40 minutes to the sister store to buy the lights because I refused to buy them from her. (She kept insisting that what I wanted done couldn't possibly be done - I mean, I could barely ask Bob something before she would start shaking her head. Then we ask her to go and get one so Bob can look at it and when he went to help her with the box she said 'Sir, I can take it out of the box myself'. Bob and I start discussing stuff and she's standing there shaking her head and interrupting and Bob is trying to say he can do what I want (I knew he could because, duh, it's Bob!) when I finally just looked at Bob and said 'Forget it. She says it can't be done so let's go'. Then she starts with the ' I would happily sell you this and I'm not trying to dissuade you...'. I think she finally figured out I wasn't in the least bit impressed and we left her to re-packing the light.)

Wow, how's that for getting off track but Lord have mercy, I don't have it in me for negative people!

And now some after shots - I'll zip the lip.

Time! How long did I last?

Sorry I just realized that out of context you might not see anything all that great. So the second picture is of the mitre joints (where the angles meet) Yeah. I love him. And I have seen joints done improperly so I am very aware of how nice it is to have someone who can do this (I can do it also but there is more time, cursing and general rage involved)
Okay the far left is of the crown mouldings and the base mouldings now on the bookcases - hey, things happen in stages around here.

And finally, the headboard from the side - too bad I didn't straighten the shade before taking the picture. *shrug*

Okay, tomorrow I will have a more book related post.

No really.

Could happen.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Book Resolutions (Not quite yet)

Or as I like to refer to them, ooops, WTF, you gotta be kidding and fuck me.

Yep, welcome back from holiday time you're back in the Cindy zone but the good news is I feel like I have a new lease on life but then, we'll get to that. (in another post)

First, I looked at last years resolutions and well, Bad Cindy!

Resolution 1. Make better notes for the TTB list. I actually started this sometime in August in a Word Document. I have some titles to go over since all of my books have been in the 'closet of horror' (do you hear the doom and gloom voice when you read that? Just me again!? Damn.) since well, June 8th of 2006. So this is kinda of an ooops.

You may have noticed recently that my books were freed from the 'closet of horror' and I can now go around and get reacquainted with them. There is a bed in the 'library' where I will probably curl up to take naps but Bob was laying there admiring his trimming while I talked to my books.

You don't talk to your books?

Oh *cough* me neither. Who would talk to their books? (pssst, me) Hey! Who said that!?


Resolution 2 from last year was to read a bunch of my TBR pile by authors I had not read before. Yeah, this is the WTF? because seriously, how hard was this? Since a monkey could pull this one off, I've decided to blame the move and subsequent 'jailing' of my beloved books.


That's what happened.


Resolution 3 - Figure out what books the dogs ate and replace them. This would be the 'you gotta be kidding me' because I think some of the books were eaten beyond description. Also, I wrote the names of the books down and have no clue where I put it. Helpful no?

Cindy, thou art a moron.

Thank you, I wear it well.

Shut up.

Resolution 4 : "I will continue reading a book until at least the half way point before deciding I cannot finish it. I have been doing that few pages thing again and it's always the start of a slump. I see no reason to be in a slump."

Huh. No wonder I ended up in a slump. That is definitely a fuck me because I couldn't get past 15 pages of some of the books I read this year. Hey, it wasn't like a reviewed them, I just didn't make the effort to read to the half way point at the very least. This one might have to be revived. Ugh.

Next will be a look at why I think my reading time will improve 100 fold this year. I mean, I'm very excited about the month of January because I have decided it's Cindy month and that I get to just sit my arse down and read. No guilt. No emergencies. No socializing (except for my mom's B-day).

In essence, it is the Month of Me!

Yes, it's allowed!


I don't have any children and Bob knows how to use drive-thrus to bring us home dinner. Basically, I plan on a 'reading, napping, eating and uh you know' hibernation! I just need about 6 feet of snow to fall on us so no one thinks I should be out enjoying the day.

Or that I should be their personal taxi. Or that I should be around sick kids. Or, well, any number of things that people call and get me into.


Yeah, right. I'm such a push over but at least I'll make them work for it. I'll just yell 'NO!' and see if they leave it at that. If not, they'll have to spin some serious magic to get me to leave my new lair.

Okay, I need to think on my Book Resolutions for this year - Go read Marg's list for inspiration or you know, to look at your own list and go sonofa...