Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tearing Off More Than You Can Chew


You know it's a been a bad day when even your spam checker mocks you.

I mean, I own the blog right? Why do I have to fill in the spam check when I'm responding to the cool comments?

Do you think the creators of spam blockers get a thrill out of creating a string of letters that are impossible to read?

I'm thinking they do.

One of these days I'm going to get locked out of my own blog.

Did you see how I managed to imply I haven't been locked out of my blog before? Lips are sealed my friends.

Oh please, you know I've done it.


This is the song that has been in my head all day and I just love it so if you are at home and can blast your speakers go for it!

Well, if only and I don't think jets can hover the way they do in the video. I'm just saying, maybe brushing up on the laws of physics and gravity may have helped in this situation.

This video also reminds me that my problems are nothing.

I think I need to stitch that on a pillow. You know, if I did that sort of thing.

I have been setting up Bloglines and since I'm not great with reading directions I kind of just pushed buttons until I had everyone up. I'm not sure if this will save me time or make me even more confused!

Today was an overcast grey day and they never see me well. I should have stayed in bed but I have discovered my dreams are becoming overly vivid again. Yippee for me. Blergh.

I'm looking forward to going to bed and starting on a fresh day.

Anyone want to do a reading check? Whatcha reading?

I've decided to stop kidding myself. At the moment, I'm reading nothing.

I said, 'Blergh' already right?

Hey, at least I posted a peppy song.

'The Saints are coming, the Saints are coming ....'

I'm starting to worry that I have a thing for angry men who wear eye liner.

Just saying.


Rosie said...

My kids showed me this video last week because one of the few groups we all like around here is U2.

By the way, there is a jet that hovers. I think it is an A-10, but I'm not sure.

Don't you like Bono's hair? Hey, weren't we all angry young men with eyeliner once? What's not to like?

CindyS said...

Rosie - you're right - when I watched the video again it wasn't as jarring this time. Canadian's know them as Harrier Jump Jets. i think seeing jets with stuff hanging from them was a bit too surreal although I have seen a jet stand almost on it's end to fly beside a by-plane. Too cool.

The other ones - the stealth jets - I don't think they could ever go slow enough to drop food stuffs without pelting the people below.

Okay, I need to go to bed if I'm disecting a fictionalize video of what we all wish had really happened.

I never went through the attraction to scruffy scary looking men. Now, the crazy's are coming across as cute. Yep, bed time indeed ;)



Jenster said...

I was trying to post a comment somewhere and it asked me for my username and password. YIKES! I couldn't remember.

That video is very touching. And yeah, Rosie. I like Bono's hair. :o)

As for what I'm currently reading, bleh. I SHOULD be reading Lord of Scoundrels, but it's in a box in the garage and I can't get to it. Meant to get DH to get it for me last night and forgot. So in the meantime I'm reading Eragon. Still.


Suisan said...

I'm reading Sabrina Jeffries' A Notorious Love.

My daughter and I were watching Moulin Rouge teh other day and they started singing heroes. "OH!" Said I. "I love this song! I love Bowie!"

After the movie we trotted down to Youtube so I could introduce her to the one singer who makes me sweat when he grins.

Nothing. Didn't even like "Heroes."

We finally found a video of "Pressure" that she liked. I've not got a gret track record in sharing rock music with my kid. She much prefers Japanese techno dance music.

Lesson Learned

Zeek said...

jaysus, how did I miss this video!? Thanks for sharing!!

and I agree with verification thingie, I think my blogs the worst!

Mailyn said...

LOL, I LOVE men with eyeliner! Tattoos are a must, so is a black trench coat and tight leather pants. Mmmm.

LOL. Oh and I'm also in the reading slump. Can't finish anything. :-(

Hope it goes away for both of us soon. :-)

ames said...

That was a great video. If only...

I love U2 by the way. Bono is so sexy. LOL

Jay said...

I'm not posting, but I'm reading! I just put down Stiff because it got even more gross than it was in the beginning. But I've also been on a book acquiring spree and have lots to choose from. So I've started Who Wants to be a Sex Goddess by Gemma Bruce which I'm reading for review.

Bookwormom said...

Another vote for men with eyeliner. Trenchcoats are a plus. I'm not finishing anything either. It must be the season.

C2 said...

Why, when I click on the play arrow, do I get taken to the Bookbanter blog? I like the blog but... :o) Maybe just a weird Mac thing.

Anyway, I'm reading No Rest for the Wicked. So far, so good!!

Stacy~ said...

Love Bono. Nothing more to say on that.

I just finished "Passion" by Lisa Valdez. I really thought I'd like it more, but the last...1/5 of the book was pretty good. I just felt a little distanced from it. Next, I'm not sure what to pick up. I think I'm feeling too overwhelmed by all the choices.

Holly said...

LOL! Cindy, you crack me up. I missed you while I was gone. *sniffle*

What Rosie said. :)


CindyS said...

Jenster - phew! I'm not the only one ;) Yes, you should be reading LOS!

Suisan - I love the soundtrack from Moulin Rouge and I was enamoured of Ewan McGregor's voice! Have you read Jeffries before? Any good?

Zeek - it's the first time I had seen the video also but now I can't get the song out of my head 24 hours later - from love to annoyance ;) Sometimes you get 5 letters and then you get the alphabet - ugh - but it's better than spam!

Mailyn - mmm, tattoos. Remember when men with tattoos were scary? Maybe not. I have just cracked a book and will blog about it in a minute but I'm pretty sure it's not one you would like - historical with contemporary stuff peppered in and repetitive language but once I pushed past that I got a good chuckle. Here's hoping it continues.

Ames - I was not hip to U2 when I was in highschool and every one was goo goo over them. Now, I love their music but I still love Aerosmith too ;)

Jay - You're Alive!! Okay, was Stiff a horror book or a romance gone wrong? I've never read Gemma Bruce. I have that last book you liked on my TBB list - now I need some money ;)

Bookwormom - What did you think of the Matrix movies? Loved the first two, have no clue what happened in the last one! I know I'm a summer person but the only thing good about winter is tons and tons of snow with sun so that's what I am hoping for. I can't handle the murky blah days and I think it's cutting into my reading!

C2 - well that's just weird but I would imagine that somehow on the Mac the video and Jay's link are connected. Have you had problems with my blog before? Youtube is down right now so no video :(

Stacy - I went into Passion not expecting to like it because I don't normally like books where the H/H have sex first thing but I was surprised by it and as much as I enjoyed the newness of the language I found the last fifth better also because of the emotional drama.

Holly - Thanks! I get antsy when my blogging buddies go on vacations because I miss them! Glad you're back and that I made you grin.