Monday, August 22, 2005

My Great Reads

I wanted this to be a quick post because it is 4am and I should go to bed because I need to get up at 11am. Just not tired yet. I'll be plenty tired when my friends are here and we're off shopping - stupid sleep cycle.

Anyways, I thought I would take a quick glance through my meager reading list. These are books that I have read and graded or not depending on when I finished them. I have this tiny book that has 5 lines for comments but, what do you put in there - I have a horrible memory and looking back at 2004, I rated Suzanne Robinson's Lady Gallant a keeper but I don't remember a thing. At the same time, I read For My Lady's Heart by Laura Kinsale and I think I remember every scene! ::shrug:: Who knows how my brain works, I don't pretend to know.


Hot Target (oooh, the looky-lou feature is up)by Suzanne Brockmann - Cosmo and Jane were a good couple but the best part of the story was clearly Jules, Adam and Robin. I always thought I wouldn't be able to read about same sex sex and not that it has happened on screen for these characters but wowza, Jules' scenes were bloody hot. WWII stuff was played down so it didn't feel as fragmented as others have.

A Scandalous Situation by Patricia Frances Rowell (this is a round robin interview, I couldn't find a site for her)- Regency set, language was stilted but became very warm as the book progressed. Iantha is a rape victim and learns to love and trust again. What I loved about this book was that Rob (hero) and Iantha were both allowed to have fears about their future. There were plenty of times that Rob wondered if he was doing the right thing because he wasn't sure Iantha would be able to be a wife to him. Really well done.

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn - historical with two very passionate people. I did not write much and now I don't remember. I wrote that Simon stuttered as a child and was unloved until he met Daphne. Sorry, that's all I got ;)

Unexpected by Lori Foster - finally, a mercenary woman for REAL. This woman could kick-ass and take prisoners. It took a while but even the hero realized she could take him. This was wonderful for me. I don't like when the hero can take out the heroine even though she has better training and such. I liked that she was tough and enjoyed fighting. Bad news, there is a stork on the cover. Good News, there is no baby stuff until like the last chapter and even then, the baby ain't there cause she is just pregnant. (Can't be a spoiler if there is a stork on the cover right?)

Mr. Impossible (first time I have ever been to her site, I love the parchment!)by Loretta Chase - a bloody orchestra should be playing right now! This book was fantastic. Yeah, slow in the beginning because Chase had to set up the characters but by the time Daphne and Rupert arrived at Giza, I was in! There were too many wonderful moments in the story and once again, the woman has more going on here and the hero is sooo not phased by it. I've decided I like this book better than Lord of Scoundrels - easy, I'm just saying!

A Rogue in a Kilt by Sandy Blair - Lord have mercy - Maili if you are reading this, skip it. Another story that took a bit to set up but once it got going it was wonderful. Birdi is a healer and Angus finds her and keeps her. Reminded me of Garwood in the golden olden days. I also noted great humour - ohhh, especially about religion - too funny.

Night Watch by Suzanne Brockmann - apparently this book hit every note for me. Brit and Wes had an open and honest relationship. This was published in 2003 but I kept it for an emergency and since the three books before this were meh, I considered it an emergency.

Black Ice (new site design, very nice!) by Anne Stuart - I'm a fan girl, 'nuff said.

Undead and Unappreciated by Mary Janice Davidson - finally hit all the right notes. Betsy screwed up royally and had to do some serious damage control. Finally, some depth to the characters and some good sex scenes.

Passion (also looks like she has updated her site) by Lisa Valdez - I blogged about it here.

So that's it for keepers so far this year and no, not all these were published this year. I decided to just start whacking at the TBR pile and see what fell out. I'm considering doing a list of those books I hated or did not finish but then what would I say? Actually, seeing as how I made myself finish the one book that I rated a D-, I guess I have plenty to say but, let's leave this on a happy note ;)

And for some random links:

National Sleep Foundation (wonder why I would pick this?)

Holy crap, I typed keeper into Google and look at the first site I found - Aren't you glad I shared!

Ah, the five bells have just rung so off to bed with me - still not sleepy but, I'll daydream for a bit - hey, anyone else daydream - gah, I don't have time to explain, I'll see if I can elaborate more if you want next time.

Oh, won't be posting anything tomorrow - Ladies Night!! Yeah, we'll probably, order in and sit in our jammies and gossip until the two normal people fall asleep at a normal time. This computer is in the guest room so no internet for me. Guess I'll have to pass the time reading - poor me. Hope everyone has a great couple of days - it'll be 21 degrees here today - phew, the heat wave has broken!


Suisan said...

I haven't been reading much, but I've written down your list of recent reads. Just in case I find a minute.

ReneeW said...

OOOOO, Hot Target and Unexpected sound good. I've read only one Foster and didn't like it but I'm willing to try again. OMG, the keeper? LOL.

Rosario said...

I've read many of those and loved them, so I'm taking your recs. I've already gone and bought a copy of A Scandalous Situation!

And that Keeper thing... it's eerie! I had no idea such a thing existed until a few days ago, when I looked for "tampon" at wikipedia (we were discussing with my coworkers who we'd give a Nobel prize, and all of us women agreed on the inventor of the tampon, so we wanted to know who he was ;-) ) Anyway, there was a link to these menstrual caps and before long, we were all going euwwww!

Megan Frampton said...

Some of your great reads are mine, too, so I'm going to add your others to my wish list. Thanks, I _love_ finding out about new books like this. Yay! And you stay up even later than I do. Very impressive.

CindyS said...

You guys have to let me know if these work for you!

Renee - I have had bad luck with Foster so I was very shocked when this book worked for me. I read Just a Hint Clint which also worked for me before the heroine became too cutesy. That's why I was prowling for some Foster.

Rosario - Oh, I hope you like the story! As I posted the 'keeper' link I became very worried that maybe I was out of the loop and I would get a bunch of responses that told me I was a freak - but, euwww was my reaction also!

Megan - I hope you find some gems in the list. I stay up late, but do I get up early? Uh, no.


Jay said...

See I didn't like Unexpected. I felt like it was touted as something other than what it was. I was expecting more the pregnancy to play more of a part in the story. I also read Kiss Me While I Sleep which is the same storyline right after so that might have skewed my view.

And apparently I'm the freak because not only have I heard about the keeper for a long time, but I know a couple of people who use it and if removal didnt require contortionism I would consider it. Hell, I still might.

CindyS said...


Yeah, the whole, how would I find it thing would be a problem for me and then there is the fact that some women uh, bleed more than others. I'm one of those women.

My friend had a miscarriage very early on in a pregnancy and was horrified that they wanted to send her home without a D&C. (We're very close and I went with her to Emerg and all I could think was that I have bled worse.) They gave her the D&C but she said it was horrific the way she was treated. I wasn't there for that part but felt horrible that a situation in which she was upset was made worse by the attitude of those attending her. They were probably thinking the same thing as I was but, I don't think they should let that show. I certainly didn't.

So no I don't think people who use it are freaks but for me, it would bring new meaning to 'my cup runneth over'. Lord forgive me for this. TMI?


Jay said...

LOL you would just empty the cup more often then.

You want TMI? I've heard it takes at least 5 fingers to get it out. :)